GiveBIG tomorrow, Wallingford

Tomorrow (Wednesday, May 2) from midnight to midnight, you’ll have a chance to donate to your favorite local nonprofits through The Seattle Foundation’s second annual GiveBIG giving event, and we wouldn’t be a true neighborhood news blog if we didn’t mention two of our favorite Wallingford nonprofits that could use our support. FamilyWorks and the Wallingford Community Senior Center impact many lives each day and a gift on May 2nd to them will help continue important work of serving the community.
What’s GiveBIG? Glad you asked! Here’s a summary from The Seattle Foundation:

GiveBIG is a unique, one-day, online charitable giving event encouraging residents of King County to give locally. Through GiveBIG, King County residents are asked to give to a local nonprofits of their choosing through The Seattle Foundation’s online Giving Center. Contributions are partially matched by a “stretch pool” provided by The Seattle Foundation and GiveBIG sponsors. The goal of GiveBIG is to raise money for the community while introducing charitably minded people to hundreds of excellent and efficient nonprofits on The Seattle Foundation’s Giving Center that make our region a healthier and more vital place to live.

So, put your global thinking to work and act locally for Wallingford! Follow these links to learn more about the invaluable services that Wallingford Community Senior Center and FamilyWorks provide, and to make your GiveBIG donations on May 2nd. GiveBIG is a chance to show that their work matters to this community. The Seattle Foundation will match a percentage of your donations when you support these programs through their website on May 2nd.

  1. FreGirl said,

    I will make my annual donation directly to the organization I support listed with this later this year without using this questionable method. This place takes 3.99% of the donation for transaction fees (noticeably put in tiny print in the terms and conditions). That is robbery and totally not right. Where the heck is that much money going and why is it not a flat transaction fee? Someone is making a profit off these donations and that should be thourougly investigated. There are plenty of ways an organization such as this could collect these donations without charging a ‘variable’ transaction fee that are free or very low cost flat transaction fee. It might not matter so much if someone donates $20 but what if they donate $2000 or even $20,000?

    “Transaction Fees – 3.99% of your total donation, plus a $0.25 per transaction, will be deducted as a transaction fee.”

    No way!

    Wed, May 2 at 12:01 pm
  2. Neighbor2You said,

    My own preference is also to make my donations directly to the groups I support. However, several of those participate in, and benefit from, the GiveBIG event.

    If folks have questions about GiveBIG, including the transaction fee, I’d encourage them to review the FAQ at the web site:

    Wed, May 2 at 1:29 pm
  3. Dennis said,

    FreGirl your conspiracy fears are unfounded. If you check the FAQs the transaction fee is being refunded and the 3.99% fee is essentially the credit card authorization fee. In addition participating organizations will get a share of $500,000 from the Seattle Foundation based on the donations they received through the program.

    The Seattle Foundation (the sponsor) is hardly a fly-by-night outfit. I think the GiveBIG program does a good job of helping nonprofits raise money.

    Wed, May 2 at 5:34 pm
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