A family-friendly, free performance involving a 12′ tall blue Victorian house, a family of singing bears, and a bunch of gnomes, is taking place at Gas Works Park this Sunday (November 11) beginning at 1:30pm.

“There’s No Place Like Home” is produced by Lucia Neare’s Theatrical Wonders, and was developed to bring awareness of energy-conservation and sustainability. The performance is sponsored in part by Community Power Works, the Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs, and Seattle City Light. More information can be found here.

Once you’re inside the park, head toward the Overlook, on the east side of the park, toward the water from the picnic area, although I honestly don’t think you can miss seeing a bunch of gnomes with pointy red hats and black and white-striped knee socks.

  • Estoy Listo

    Sorry, but even for a so-called “good cause,” governments have no business influencing private behavior.

  • TC

    I don’t see how an artist-created performance that happens to be inspired by themes of energy efficiency is anything related to what you’re complaining about, Esta Listo? If anything, this play is supported by office of public arts… is that bad now? Relax and enjoy… it’s just a holiday-themed free performance.

  • http://blog.protectedstatic.com/ protected static

    Uh, a main point of government is to influence private behavior, particularly when changes in behavior are necessary to reach policy goals (or enforce policies).

  • su

    Any means bringing Lucia Neare’s http://lucianeare.org/index.html artistry to Wallingford is good news. Her Lullaby Moon was an experience of wonder and beauty.

  • info

    Lullaby Moon was divine. Lucia probably needs funding and .we learn more about how to care fo renvironemnt

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