Anatolia Comes to Wallingford

Bodrum MenuBack in July, Margaret posted that a new Turkish restaurant would be opening where the Golden Olive used to be (1712 N 45th St).

This past month, Bodrum opened! It’s the latest creation of chef-owner Sedat Uysal, who also runs Cafe Paloma in Pioneer Square. Also serving as chef is Pinar Özhal, and together they’re serving up traditional Anatolian (Turkish) cuisine in the “meyhane” style.

Sedat and Pinar met through the Seattle Turkish community, which numbers about 3,000.

Ask Sedat to draw a map of Turkey for you. He nails the coastline with remarkable detail.

Sedat Uysal Pinar Özhal

  • Sidni Sobolik

    i ate dinner there recently and it was fantastic! I can’t wait to go again.

  • Edd Cox

    Bravo Sedat! Cafe Paloma is the Emerald of Pioneer Square! Now He has Created a Ruby in WallyHood! You Will Most Definitely Enjoy!!

  • Mary Lindquist

    Really good food. Lovely, friendly staff. Took us right back to Turkey! Thanks for the tip Wallyhood!

  • mruby

    We ate there last evening and were very pleased. Split an eggplant mezza, a shepherd salad and a kofte entre. Quite enough for two.

  • Sea

    Anyone know if they are open for lunch during the week? I would call to ask but can’t find their phone number anywhere. Thanks!

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