Chicago-Style Pizza Showdown

Perhaps a day late and a dollar short for the late Wallingford Pizza House, the Iron Bull (2121 N 45th St) is marking the visit of the Chicago Bears to Seattle by asking the burning question: “Who makes the best Chicago style pizza in Seattle?”

benitosGerald writes:

You be the judge!

On December 3rd at 7 pm, the Iron Bull will host a Chicago Style Pizza bake off, featuring the pizza chefs from Benitos in Ballard, Delfino’s in Seattle and who ever else wants to compete (suggestions are welcome). For a suggested donation of $10, you will get to sample each pizza and enjoy a pint along with it. Vote for your favorite, then come back for the Bears game on December 8 to see who is awarded the trophy during halftime!

What could be better than Chicago pizza and beer? How about knowing that your donation is going to help the Lifelong Aids Alliance? The lovely and talented Tamara, your Bears bartender, runs the Lifelong Aids Alliance Thrift Shop when she isn’t serving you beer. All donations to the bake-off will be donated to that cause. You can even get a receipt for your taxes!

Sorry, but the WSLCB won’t allow anyone under 21 to attend, but everyone else is very welcome to come try the best damn pizza in town and pick the winner. Hell, you don’t even gotta be from Chicago. Long as you like good food, a fun time and don’t mind supporting a good cause you are invited.
We also have a drop box for donations to the folks that suffered damage from the tornados over the weekend in the midwest.


  • David Villeneuve

    Seriously the best chicago-style deep dish in Seattle.

  • jude

    Chicago style pizza is not pizza, it is a casserole. I’m with Jon Stewart on this.

  • Ron ‘Chip White’ Sievers

    I didn’t think Chicago was playing Seattle this year.. Did I miss something? (I thought they played the 49ers on the 8th)

  • Gayle Perez

    Haven’t tried Benitos or Delfinos, but David is right, Kylies has some excellent Chicago-style pizza!
    And Ron is right, they play the 49ers on the 8th.
    Will definitely stop by to donate to tornado relief, as a former Illinoisian

  • DOUG.

    The Iron Bull is a Bears bar during football season. That’s why you see all those sad people in Brian Urlacher jerseys drowning their sorrows each Sunday at the corner of 45th and Bagley.

  • Eileen

    Doug: any reason(s) why Bears fans flock to the place? Not that it bothers me much – just find it a bit amusing that they have a huge Seattle sports-themed mural outside while (seemingly) catering to Bears fans :-P

  • DOUG.

    I think it’s a remnant of the previous owner, back when it was called Goldies. I believe that person was from Chicago and began hosting Bears fans for games. It kind of took off and the Iron Bull people carried on the tradition.

    I have friends from Chicago who go to games there. I’ve been a couple of times and it’s actually kind of fun. They sing the Bears fight song, drink lots of beer and are very easy to tease.

  • rygist


  • jivewire

    Kylie’s is the best in Seattle, but would struggle to stay open in Chicago.

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