Seeking the Wilmot Sister

Christine from the Seattle Public Library writes:

I am looking for photographs of the Wallingford Wilmot sisters — Alice Wilmot Dennis and Florence Wilmot Metcalf.  An image of each sister is to be incorporated into a large mural showing the history of the Wilmot-Wallingford Library.The photographs would be scanned and then returned immediately.  Any assistance would be appreciated!
Wilmot50In case you’re wondering who the Wilmot sisters are, Historylink tells us:

On September 10, 1949, the Wilmot Memorial Branch of The Seattle Public Library opens for business in a house at 4422 Meridian Avenue N [now condos across from the Chase Bank parking lot]. The library is a gift from Alice Wilmot Dennis in memory of her sister Florence Wilmot Metcalf. This facility will serve the Wallingford neighborhood for 36 years.

In 1948, Wallingford resident Alice Wilmot Dennis deeded a lot and house to the Seattle Public Library for use as a library for a minimum of 30 years. The Wallingford Library Committee headed by theater owner Jack Neville launched a campaign to raise funds to remodel the building. The committee collected $2,226 from 403 charter members, which paid for shingling, painting, a new gas furnace, and new plumbing. The library board provided a collection of 5,000 books and $2,000 for furniture.

The building was dedicated on September 9, 1949, by Mayor William F. Devin (1898-1982) and State Senator W. Ward Davison. Katherine L. Lund was the first librarian and she held that position for 10 years.

In 1985, the branch moved to the former police and fire station at the corner of Densmore and 45th St and was renamed the Walllingford-Wilmot Library. In 2000, the 45th Street Clinic expanded to fill the building, and the library relocated its present-day location, in the Solid Ground building a block west on 45th St.

Anyone have photos for Christine? Paul? RoKet?

(Photo of the Wilmot Memorial Library, 1965, courtesy of the Seattle Public Library, via HistoryLink)

  • Jon Berkedal

    I don’t have any pictures, but was wondering if anyone knew if these generous ladies had any connection to the Wilmot Gateway Park in Woodinville on the Sammamish River Trail across from the playfields?

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