Calmar writes:

Why is Tangletown called Tangletown. Some think it is because the streets are messed up.  Years ago near Meridian and 55th there was a movie theater. A gentleman now lives in a house that was where popcorn was sold for the adjoining theater. He has an art studio there. He said to me that Tangletown got its name because of what happened to the trolleys, #16, that ran there. He explained that the overhead wires from the south stopped at 55th and Meridian and the overhead trolley wires fromt he north stopped there—and the cables would often jump the space between the lines and then woosh about and get tangled—-hence “tangletown.”  done/

  • Abigail

    Tangletown is also Meridian . Any history on that?

    • Justin

      I’m just guessing, but Meridian probably has to do with the fact that it runs pretty much right up the center of the city, splitting it in half east-west.

  • disqus_Kjlt5aj3Qb

    I would say “Many, many years ago” there was a movie theater in Tangletown. I moved there in 1977 and this is the first I have heard of a movie theater there. Though it does look like one of the buildings had a marquee.

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