Octopus Bar Opens Today

photo-25Reeve Baily writes:

After years of planning, a successful Kickstarter campaign and a lot of elbow grease, “The Octopus Bar” is ready to open in Wallingford. Tucked between the two Guild 45th Theaters, they promise Wallingford’s only ‘Gastropub’ experience. Their neon sign alone, is a sight to behold.

For everyone that wants to welcome them to the neighborhood and see what lurks beyond, they open Saturday, January 25th at noon.

That’s today, people! Soft opening was last night, Reeve tells us. Pay them a visit and share your impressions.

  • wildnwonderful

    Very cool! Ive wondered about you. See that a flash mob is helping close and goodbye to Boulangerie this weekend.. the circle continues

  • Raff

    Is it 21 and over only? Not on web site!

    • Luna

      The website needs a serious revamp. Soon! Lots to do to open a place, but not having the site ready before opening is a mistake many places make. (It’s the modern day equivalent of not having a phone on opening day.) Businesses must capitalize on the opening buzz/interest and not hope to get people’s attention again later — especially in a city with so many options and openings.

  • Luna

    Opening today — wahoo! I’m excited, but think I’ll let them get their legs first….

  • Reeve Baily

    They are indeed a “No Minors” establishment. I just had a reeeeeally nice bloody mary (where the Siracha vodka didn’t interupt, but seamlessly blennnnnnnnnds with the spicy tomato flavor – mmmmm.) So cool to see them finally realizing a vision they obviously feel passionate about. (and Luna – I’m sure they will update their website when they come up for air :)

    • Aaron

      Too bad. “No Minors” turns me from a semi-weekly early dinner patron to a probably-never-going-to-go patron. :(

      • claudia

        Once every two weeks to never is a huge jump! I am sure there are other great family oriented establishments. Perhaps save this one for a special occasion.

  • JT

    Just visited the Octopus Bar and enjoyed a very tasty bloody mary and a Moby Dick (sausage in pita delight). My salad was fresh with an excellent ranch dressing that i would guess is made fresh. The details in the decor are endless and lovely. I would highly recommend heading out to the Octopus Bar and will look forward to going back. Welcome to the neighborhood.

  • claudia

    We have a 21 and older pub on Bainbridge and it thrives even without children in tow. I think the concept is great for many!

  • edwins

    Very cool sign. Welcome to the neighborhood. We’ll definitely check it out. BTW folks, any name ending in the word Bar implies over 21 only. Not so in Europe but here in the US yes.

  • Cameron

    The line was down the block all evening long. Apparently their soft opening was a smashing success!

  • donkeyman

    We are loving this new addition to the neighborhood!

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