The Wallingford Community Council will hold its regular monthly meeting at the Good Shepherd Center, Room 202 on Wednesday, April 2nd at 7:00 PM. Everyone is welcome.

On the agenda will be a presentation regarding improvements and trailchanges to the Burke-Gilman Trail. The Burke-Gilman Trail is more than a regional treasure; it is a major transportation, recreation and nature corridor and the most heavily-used trail in Washington. In recent years, the trail’s growing popularity has led to overcrowding and conflicts between pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists. Additional development, including a new light rail station, is anticipated to dramatically increase trail demand.

The University of Washington’s Transportation Team will present proposals for dealing with these current and anticipated problems. The UW is seeking WCC’s support for a grant to help complete the improvements before the light rail station opens.

The WCC will also hear from the City regarding its proposed designation of Pedestrian zones in Wallingford. Currently the proposals involve the area around 34th and Wallingford, and the Stone Way corridor. Details at

WCC will discuss upcoming Board Elections, our annual meeting and updates on a variety of neighborhood issues. Remember, you must be a WCC member to vote at our annual meeting in May.


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