Mother’s Day Coming Up

peachcurtain-1Next Sunday is Mother’s Day, so that leaves only 6 days before you should suddenly remember you have to get something immediately.

If you want to plan ahead a tad, Parnel Lettunich has opened a flower studio, Cedarhouse Flowers out of her Wallingford home at 45th and Densmore. You can reach her through her web site or call 206.295.8388. Free delivery to Wallingford, Fremont and Phinny Ridge for Mother’s day.


How come it’s “Mother’s Day”, not “Mothers’ Day”? And why does the Internet seem to agree it’s “Veterans Day” instead of “Veterans’ Day”?

  1. DOUG. said,

    From a 2011 New York Times article:

    “On Monday, Radio Shack offered special prices for Presidents’ Day.
    Office Depot had discounts, too, in honor of President’s Day. Not to be
    left out, Macy’s advertised sales of its own to celebrate Presidents

    Wed, May 7 at 8:54 am
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