The Postman Rings for the Last Time

JTDavid Yao, who has worked at the Wallingford post office since 1999, writes:

I just found out that J.T., the letter carrier who has served the area around the QFC/Wallingford Center for many years, will work his last day Thursday. They are having a little breakfast ceremony in the break room for him at the Wallingford Post Office, but the many customers he has served over the years probably are unaware of his impending retirement. He gives great service and has a great attitude. If he is your carrier, Thursday would be the last opportunity to leave a note of thanks for him by your mailbox.

You may have seen him biking home in the late afternoon; he lives not far south of his route.

(Updated with photo!)

  1. Ffej said,

    We’ve lived on J.T.’s route for almost 20 years — he’s been a great mailman, and a very nice guy. He mentioned that he’s retiring after 33 years with the USPS.

    We will miss him as a postman, but very glad that we’ll continue to see him around the neighborhood.

    Wed, May 14 at 12:50 pm
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