Fourth of July

Friday is the Fourth of July, that special time of year when cozy little Wallingford plays host to the city. Sort of the Brazil of fireworks, if you will.

I’m sad that I’ll be out of town for it this year (heading into the Cascades), because I get such a kick out of the whole day: stopping in at yard parties, checking out the lemonade stands, waving at the traffic. For my money, the best place to watch the fireworks is lower Wallingford Ave: people haul sofas out onto the street, there’s lots of people to stop and chat with, there’s a festival vibe.

And, since we live in Wallingford, we don’t have to drive or park. We’re already here. Which is lucky, since parking is near impossible.

The Seattle Police Department has released their traffic plan for the day:

Beginning at noon on July 4th, access to the area north of Gasworks Park will be restricted to residents and others with legitimate business in the community. The purpose of this is to ensure that emergency vehicles and home / business owners will be able to access this community while the 4th of July celebrations are occurring. The area will not be open to people seeking parking for the fireworks display.

Between the hours of noon and 6 PM, home and business owners will be able to enter and leave the area through designated access points, including:

  • N. 34th & Stoneway Ave. N.
  • Stoneway A ve. N. & N. Northlake W ay
  • N. 35th & Interlake Ave. N.
  • N. 38th & Interlake Ave. N.
  • N. 39th & Ashworth Ave. N.
  • N. 39th & Woodlawn Ave. N.
  • N. 39th & Wallingford Ave. N.
  • N. 39th & Meridian Ave. N.
  • N. 39th & Corliss Ave. N.
  • N. 38th & Sunnyside Ave. N.
  • N. 35th & Pacific Ave. N.
  • N. 36th & N. Northlake Way

Each of these locations will have a police officer assigned to it, screening entry into the area, ensuring that only residents and businesses are accessed.
Residents that are expecting guests should provide their guests with an invitation showing the address they are going to. Additionally, residents may tell their expected guests to access their community via one of the above listed access points. Residents may provide the guest list to the officer at the access point, assisting them in easily identifying authorized visitors. It is recommended that all of your guests should arrive by 6 PM.

At 6 PM, the access points will be moved one block out and access will be controlled at Stoneway Ave. N. on the west and N. 40th St. on the north.


In case you’re suggesting people take the bus to your party, be aware that bus routes will operate with a Sunday schedule on Friday, and many routes will be redirected around community celebrations in the county. The holiday schedule means many commuter bus routes will not be in service that day. Bus riders should check the schedule for their routes, as well as scheduled event and celebration reroutes. Sunday fares are in effect on all Metro routes on July 4. See the Metro web site for specific schedules.

And I know that many people get cranky at the raucousness of the visitors, and the beer bottles that get left behind and the fireworks that scare the pets, and the public inebriation, and all that, but it’s an opportunity to welcome the city to our neighborhood, and only happens once a year.  Please show them some American love.


  1. luna said,

    We live on the other side of Stone Way and can’t see the fireworks now that three houses were put onto the single lot next to us. (Used to to watch them from our neighbor’s deck.) So, we’re going to walk over to the “official Wallingford” to watch them this year. Does anyone know of a good place to stand to see them on the east side of Stone Way? Thanks!

    Thu, July 3 at 10:57 pm
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