SebAndSofiAs many enterprising young Wallingford residents have already figured out, the hoards of fireworks-watcher who descend upon our neighborhood each July often arrive thirsty. And since it’s bad luck to walk past achild without purchasing anything, there is room for many neighborhood lemonade and goody stands. Here are three we know about.

1. Seb and Sofi’s Sixth Annual Lemonade Stand for the Whales. We wrote about these two charitable young people a couple of years back, and it turns out they are still at it. This year, their stand will feature lemonade and homemade brownies. All proceeds will be donated to the Whale Museum on Orcas Island. Their lemonade stand will be located on Meridian between 36th and 37th.

2. Kid Art for Animals. Fueled by a love of animals, particularly lemurs and orangutans, six year old Ani will be selling drawings, paper airplanes and other handmade crafts to raise money to help her furry friends. All proceeds will be donated to the Jane Goodall Institute. The Art for Animals Gallery will be located on Bagley between 39th and 38th.

3. Old Fashioned Lemonade Stand. At 40th and Whitman, an almost-5-year-old will be hosting her first lemonade stand with lemonade, raspberry lemonade and cookies. It’s her birthday on Sunday, so she plans to use her profits to have a party!

  1. luna said,

    Does anyone know of restaurants open in the neighborhood today? I just called Ramen Man (no answer); Satay is closing ta 2pm; Blue Star is closing at 3pm. Pagliacci is closed completely. (Huh?) Thousands of people are descending on our neighborhood and restaurants aren’t open to feed them? (Not everyone does picnics and potlucks.) Suggestions? Thanks!

    Fri, July 4 at 1:59 pm
  2. cathy wonderful said,

    I would try Taco Time, Nikolas and Egg Nest the subway on 42 and stone and that little chicken place onstone.. then onto PCC for deli

    Fri, July 4 at 2:18 pm
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