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SONY DSCFolks, this weather, this weather we’re having right now, is why we put up with Seattle weather the other nine months of the year. I swear, I spend all winter thinking to myself “as soon as the weather comes around, I’m going to be outside getting stuff done”, then the weather turns all sunny and beautiful and I say to myself “no way am I going to waste a beautiful day like this working, I’ll get stuff done when the rains come”.

Anyway, it got me to to thinking how lucky we are to have so many spot to eat and drink outdoors here in Wallingford, more so than many other sections of town. Help me build a list, won’t you?

First, we’ve to the outdoor decks of two Wallyhood sponsors: Murphy’s with their patio out back and Ivar’s, with their deck on Lake Union (both pictured here). Ivar’s even has free boat moorage for up to 20 boats, which I’m fairly certain Murphy’s does not.

Ivar's SH Side Deck-1New additions within the past year to the outdoor seating club in Wallingford also include the Octopus Bar on 45th Street and Westward, just down the waterfront on Lake Union from Ivar’s.

Coming up Stone Way, there’s Joule and The Whale Wins, RoRo, Tutta Bella and The Blue Star. Going down 45th, there’s Tilth with seating in the front and Satay with a deck out back. Of course, Chutney’s Bistro in Wallingford Center has a patio and Pinky’s BBQ and Rancho Bravo are both basically outdoor restaurants.

What am I forgetting? I can’t think of any outdoor seating north of 50th in Tangletown, but there must be, right?

  1. annm said,

    Diggity Dog, Elysian-Tangletown and Burgundian all have outdoor seating in the Tangletown neighborhood.

    Sat, July 12 at 11:07 am
  2. shell said,

    The Chile Pepper (45th, Mexican, owner “Rudolfo”) has some nice outdoor seating in front. The have the best Chile Relleno I’ve ever had!
    Also the wine place just up from them–“Smash”? can’t remember the name.

    Sat, July 12 at 11:54 am
  3. Dayspring said,

    Yes, SMASH has a great place to sit outside on 45th right across from Musashi/kitty Corner to Olympic Pizza. My wife and I ate here recently and commented on what a nice place it was to enjoy the last of the days sunshine while sipping on a cold glass of white wine. Ahhhh!

    Also try out Palazzo on 34th Street across from Fishery Supply. You can eat your sandwich while enjoying the abundant sunshine streaming in the open windows. I love the owner here who is so friendly and makes great food.

    Also try Westward on Northlake. Lake Union dining and drinks without the roar of I-5 bridge like Ivars. Similar view.

    Sat, July 12 at 1:28 pm
  4. Patricia said,

    Don’t forget La Cantinetta!!! It even has giatnt flame “warmers” for the chilly evenings. And the food is the best!

    Mon, July 14 at 9:31 am
  5. Patricia said,

    I meant “giant”, not “giatnt”!

    Mon, July 14 at 9:32 am
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