Erotic Bakery Closing

2138481883_9f15c6c4fe_zThe Erotic Bakery, an institution of innuendo for 28 years, will be closing the kimono at the end of September. Kimmie, the owner, wrote on their Facebook page back in June:

Hello Friends of The Erotic Bakery, this is Kimmie. After much thought and soul searching, we have decided to close our doors permanently as of Tuesday, September 30th, 2014. As of today, we have 95 days left of retail. I will try to share something from the bakery daily until we close. I would like to personally thank my family, friends and customers for 28 and 1/2 great years. Brian my better half, and Desirae, the best decorator ever. MacGyver, my nephew the best sales person I could ask for, Jared our baker, Zack my stand by and Bennie, my son and froster. This was Bennie’s first cake. I thought is was perfect to send us into the next chapter of our lives. With the deepest gratitude I thank you all.

Seattle Eater notes:

Owner Kimmie Barnett told The Stranger’sBethany Jean Clement that the store, opened in 1986 as Marzi Tarts and renamed The Erotic Bakery in 1999, is shuttering “because she’s tired” and, inexplicably, due to a “decline in demand for boob/penis/vulva cakes.”

My own experience with the the bakery isn’t particularly cheerful: when I first started Wallyhood five years ago, I walked down 45th Street introducing myself to businesses and letting them know that if they had news to get out, to let me know (I wasn’t asking for or accepting sponsorships at that point), and the owner snapped at me, asking me why I was telling her this and then asked me to leave. I left and never returned.

(Photo by Jayne Vidheecharoen; Thanks to Heidi, Taylor, Martha, Darcey and DOUG. for the tip)


  1. evon said,

    “due to a “decline in demand for boob/penis/vulva cakes.”

    I believe it was the Financial Times that had an article noting the same business trend.

    Mon, August 25 at 8:08 pm
  2. DOUG. said,

    Total opportunity for Trophy Cupcakes to fill the void.

    Mon, August 25 at 10:09 pm
  3. galaoxides said,

    Thank you for all the memories.

    When escaping my teens during the mid ’80s, crossing I-5 from the Ave to your corner was a pilgrimage of my cohort.

    Ironic that during your opening, the “wallingfordians” disapproved and now, after ~20yrs as a Whood biz, you still are able to disgruntle your neighborhood press! Keep it up !!!!,2478113

    Best for all your next ventures.

    Tue, August 26 at 1:02 am
  4. MisterR said,

    Good riddance.

    Tue, August 26 at 1:15 pm
  5. MisterR said,

    I’m delighted that this obscene business has failed.

    Tue, August 26 at 1:33 pm
  6. your neighbor said,

    28 years is hardly a failure.

    Tue, August 26 at 11:01 pm
  7. Maggie said,

    Oh come on. It was a colorful shop, a neighborhood landmark, and always good for a grin. I only shopped their twice – once for a bachelorette party and once for a gift for a guy friend who’d just broken up with a stripper, but there’s just no substitute.

    The order forms with the specification checkboxes were priceless.

    @DOUG – lol. :-)

    Wed, August 27 at 1:32 pm
  8. Kara C said,

    I always liked the Erotic Bakery! It’s a shame W-ford seems to be going the route of Severe Gentrification in many ways…. not very attractive to those wanting a less boring area to shop/live/play in.

    Wallingford needed, & was well-served by, this unusual, funky, fun business — there just weren’t many for a long time. They have had many mentions in tourist & local publications, bringing more people to W-ford. Some of us worked really hard on attracting people to W-ford to patronize more of our small biz community – we were literally not on the map for years. This was one biz that was completely unique to the entire city, perfect for wedding etc gifts (for those open to its brand of fun).

    Nice people, a delicious, beautiful cake for our wedding in ’97 (yes! but a sheet cake using then-new technology of edible printing, to print a photo onto our cake – NOT a penis or anything) – great customer service, faster than I’d thought, great products. And so were the actual private-parts-cakes I saw at others’ parties! Never saw anything as well-done in LA when I lived there. Jon and I will miss them!!

    Fri, August 29 at 2:34 pm
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