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  • Alex


    Set of car keys Sat AM on 43rd Street between Wallingford Ave and Densmore Ave just north of the park.

    ID number of keys on chain and make of car and I’ll return them.

  • MaryW

    Just want to add my thanks to you for your work on the forums and your diligence in keeping the spam out!

  • Mike

    Ferret found in QFC parking lot. Call 527-8539 to reclaim.

  • impliedobserver

    It’s Tuesday at 8:00 pm on 10/16/12 . Less than 15 minutes ago at 4th and Pacific a cat ran in front of my car. I was unable to stop in time. I think I probably hit it. I felt what was either my anti-lock breaks or the cat. I could not find the cat anywhere. Not in the bushes on the Burke Gilman or in the bushes near where it happened. The cat seemed to be a fit tabby of some sort. I hope this cat is okay. If you are missing a cat and you live in the neighborhood and this sounds like your cat, I hope you are able to find them. I did not see a collar on the cat, but then it happened very fast.

  • Chas Fisher

    Just a bit of warning to anyone who has election yard signs in their yards:

    Our Obama yard sign was stolen from our yard at 43rd & Woodlawn some time after Tuesday’s debate.

    C. Fisher

  • Mike

    My car and one other down the block had the driver’s side windows smashed in last night. It was searched but nothing stolen. Parked on 34th and Densmore. Anyone see/hear/know anything?

  • Rebecca

    We have lost our beautiful, orange tabby cat Monty. He was last seen Monday night, 10/15/12. He is very friendly and had no collar as he can not keep one on him. He is greatly missed and any info would be greatly appreciated! We live on 4th ave NE.

  • Michael H.

    Mike, car prowling is an ongoing problem in the area. There are previous posts about it. You can report it to the SPD online.

  • howe

    I have seen a guy with reddish brown beard, caucasion, hoody, larger build blatantly looking into my car windows and then continuing down the street. I’ve also seen this with one other person who lives in the neighborhood that I have previously described. The only way we’ll ever know, is if someone catches them in the act and has a bat, stun gun or ??? and we take them down personally. The police don’t care about car theives or prowlers of any sort. I’m not sure what type of crime they are actually fighting, or investigating, truth be told. If you are a cop or know what they do, please clue me in? (very sarcastically said btw, i’m just a jaded victim :)

  • Stephanie

    Hi neighbors-
    In the last month, 3 out of us 4 roommates have gotten flat tires. Ironically, the same rear tire and usually a week a part from the previous flat. We have found this to be very suspicious and just too much of a coincidence to believe it’s unintentional. After the 3rd car was found with a flat, we took handling the situation more seriously in filing police reports. This flat tire was also confirmed to have been intentional by the size of the screw and the nature of it’s placement. We have spoken with our immediate neighbors but also just want to warn the community to check your tires before driving and to keep a lookout. Safety first! If you have seen or heard of anything, please let me know!

  • Whimsical4

    We had someone get into our car last night, on 1st ave near 40th. It was obvious they had searched around the car, and they took a pair of shoes. Just a reminder to be diligent about locking!

  • Whimsical4

    @rebecca, there was an orange cat on my back porch sun morning, and I saw him later lurking on 1st ave between 40th and 41st. I didn’t get a good look because he got spooked by my dog and took of pretty quick!

  • Jon Berkedal

    Stephanie….where do you live? I live a couple blocks from John Stanford school and have had screws in my tires twice in the last year. Did not think that someone had put them their until I read your post…..

  • caroline

    I just had a flat tire from a nail or screw two weeks ago. I live on Sunnyside between 45th & 46th.

  • countingpigs

    Oh, stop getting your panties in a bunch. We live in a densly parked and populated area – of course there are car prowlers. Your $150 worth of merchandise that is stolen isn’t worth spending down the police budget to regulary investigate and patrol your street every 10 minutes.

    Howe – the phrase you’re looking for isn’t “the police don’t care” – the police love to use their whirly flashy lights. The phrase is “the police don’t have the budget to be your personal mall cop”

  • Stephanie

    Hi Jon-We live between 45th and 46th on Eastern Ave N. And we believe that someone has given us flats because what are the odds that all 3 of us receive a flat days/weeks a part from each other? And once the 3rd car had gotten a flat, we had both the AAA gentleman and the gentlemen who work at Les Schwab take a look-all in which say the screw was intentionally put in the tire.

  • hayduke

    countingpigs, Your devil-may-care attitude makes you part of the problem. As long as people like you continue to shrug your shoulders and tolerate crime and anti-social behavior in your neighborhood, it’s going to continue.

    Will there always be crime? Yes, of course. Can we be vigilant and work to decrease it. Yes.

    It’s been my experience as well that the cops here don’t give a rat’s ass about car prowls. They can’t even be bothered to come file a report or dust for very obvious prints (on a rear side window that i wouldn’t have touched). So I’m curious, as you you seem to agree, with your “personal mall cop” quote: if the cops can’t be bothered, than would you support taking the law into your own hands and going to town on their kneecaps with a baseball bat? Or would you be content to sit back, watch them rifle through your belongings and steal your ID, and chalk it up to living in a densely populated area? Do you believe in the right to physically defend your property? Or perhaps you’ll just run out and say “Stop! Or I’ll call the police!”

    Remember, when seconds count, the cops are only minutes away.

  • countingpigs

    @hayduke: Writing “cops here don’t give a rat’s ass” isn’t really accurate is it? Given that it’s policy not to have an in-person response for property thefts that amount to less than $500 commercial value.

    Really what you’re complaining about is policy that no policeman/woman really has a say in.

    I’m not saying to tolerate crime – I’m saying that you aren’t solving anything by complaining about police not responding to your petty theft. And no theft of property, no matter the value, is worth killing or maiming someone over so get over your silly attitudes about being the law and capping some knees.

    This is a budget issue – not a police suck issue. Budgeting requires priorities. In the same way you can’t spend your families budget for the year on petty things – nor can the police force (of course bad decisions get made & stupid spending occurs in everyone’s budget). You may not agree with the priorities – but government can’t please everyone in a democracy.

  • Frankie

    The tire thing is quite real. Our neighbor had all his tires punctured. It’s a local nutcase, IMO. This is his or her hobby.

  • Stephanie

    @Frankie Did your neighbor file a police report? The more reports that are filed the more attention it will bring to this situation. This is not ok. And just curious, what part of Wallingford do you live in?

  • Frankie

    I believe he did, and we’re on 42nd near 2nd.

  • Scott

    If SPD doesn’t have the budget to respond to calls (30 mins in attempted break-in at my neighbors last week), or to take the time to dust for prints, maybe it’s because they’re spending all their money on drones (

    BTW – I think I’ve seen the dude w/ the beard and hoodie around before. If I spot him again I’ll follow him around a bit and see if he messes with cars. Remember folks… we pretty much all have cameras in our pockets these days w/ cell phones. Take pictures or video if you see something of note.

  • Judy

    I too had a tire punctured by a screw about 6 weeks ago. Parked somewhere between Bagley and Sunnyside, 44th to N. of 46th. I had to replace the tire since puncture was near the sidewall. I also had a vandal twist the driver side mirror off the car, parked on Bagley near the Iron Bull.

  • wick

    FYI – there are a group of boys out egging cars and houses this halloween. We just got hit at 43rd and Meridian.

  • Margaret Hamilton

    Hope they come to my house!!!!!

  • Kendall

    Is Wallyhood going to do an investigation about the restaurant that is taking over the old Rain spot? I heard they undercut the owners of Rain and negotiated a new lease with the landlord while simultaneously negotiating with Rain to buy the restaurant. If that’s true, everybody in Wallingford should boycott that place until it’s bankrupt.

  • Frankie

    Sorry Kendall, but I am voting with my belly – the new place sounds delicious and the previous restaurant never complained, at least in public. It also sounds weird. there’s plenty of vacant restaurant space in Seattle, without resorting to chicanery.

  • Kendall

    Frankie: Are you saying that you don’t think it’s true, or that it doesn’t matter to you? If it doesn’t matter to you, that’s pretty shameful in my opinion. Rain was a long standing restaurant in our neighborhood and people should care that they were mistreated.

    I have personally heard the same story recounted to me about what happened from 8 different sources, some of them directly involved. (And what I’ve heard is pretty damning.) What I haven’t heard is the other side of the story. Before jumping to conclusions, I would like to give the new place a chance to respond. I don’t think that the owners of the place would necessarily care about what I think, but perhaps they would talk to Wallyhood.

    My two cents have been laid down.

  • almond67

    Last night, person dress up “grip reaper” came to the house at 10pm for trick treating! why? It was late and of course at first i was startled to see and do not understand how late person show up.
    now i was reading news that “grip reaper” did rob a family in Beacon Hill, i was wondering if you anyone see him in our neighborhood ???

  • Michael H.

    What’s shameful is repeating a potentially libelous story to smear without any evidence or even knowing whether it is true or not.

  • Donn

    Well, of course you don’t specifically state that anyone did repeat a story that way, but assuming that was aimed at Kendall … `8 different sources, some of them directly involved’ sounds like more evidence than we’d normally expect from the regular site blog authors.

    But it isn’t much of a story – one sided, thin on details. Maybe Rain has been the worst tenant ever and they’re finally getting what’s coming to them. I have no idea, really none at al. The problem here really is that the new owners and the landlord are NOT going to wade in here and go over their business practices so that we can all have plentiful information to pass judgement on their ethics. I don’t know if I would even wish for that, but in any case it’s highly unlikely. The most we could expect is for some other more or less anonymous commenter to turn up with claims to have heard the landlord’s account of it, etc.

    It seems like an interesting idea – use a community oriented forum as a place to clue the community to ethical issues that we would otherwise not suspect. I’ve read that a certain Walllingford restaurant owner confiscates tips, for example. That’s good to know … but, do I know that? Is there the faintest chance that businesses would get a fair defense against claims like that?

  • Lauren E.

    Re: Miyabi. I’m very much looking forward to having this in the neighborhood as I’m a huge fan of soba. I’ve contacted them through their Facebook page and asked them to respond to the allegations made on this thread. Hopefully they will.

  • Kendall

    Michael H is somewhat right. I do believe I have evidence but a public forum is not the place to have this discussion. What I wanted to do was to ask Wallyhood to investigate, not start a back and forth. I apologize and if I can figure out how to delete my old entries, I will.

  • protected static

    Kendall: You can’t. You can, however, email Jordan ([email protected]) and ask him to have your comments removed.

  • Frankie

    And the bit about me being unfazed by unproven allegations being shameful! I just love Soba.

  • Frankie

    “I’ve read that a certain Walllingford restaurant owner confiscates tips, for example.” Haha! I bet I know who that is!

  • Bruce

    KEYS FOUND at corner of N. 51st and Wallingford Ave. N.

  • Gerald Simonsen

    I just wanted to mention that we are doing some serious election watching at the Iron Bull tomorrow night.
    Everybody over 21 is welcome to join us.
    Tacos for a buck…….

  • mindi

    @Rebecca — did you ever find your cat??? There is a found orange tabby near the Taco Time on 45th posted on craigslist. Wallyhood folks .. could you pass along my email to Rebecca so I can send her a photo??

  • Wally

    Without going into detail, I heard the same story about the Miyabi folks double dealing with Rain to purchase their space, while at the same time meeting with the landlord to evict Rain so they would not have to purchase the space from Rain but could then put that money into renovating the space thus making the landlord happy. Rain was subsequently evicted and given 3 days notice to vacate. The folks I heard it from are not liars, nor am I. I personally don’t need to hear from Miyabi in order for the story to be true, I will simply tell my friends and neighbors who want to know that I will not be supporting Miyabi. The truth is not slanderous. This is our neighborhood and we have a responsibility to protect each other from those that harm us and our neighbors, Just as we post about suspicious characters prowling about and young kids vandalizing.

  • CL


    I respect your choice if you feel that it’s the right one for you, but it still seems weird to spread negative publicity of a new business here without proper evidence. While there may be some truth behind your story, it seems equally likely that it was actually the landlord who behaved dishonestly. If this is the case, I can imagine that the new business owners do not necessarily want to speak out… even in their own defense.

    Follow your own convictions if you believe in the people who told you stories, but why work so hard to sour the community’s perspective of a new business? It is especially disturbing when it follows other readers’ comments that read, “Let’s all boycott the place until it’s bankrupt!!”

  • Donn

    Another way to see this, if you like, is that it makes Rain look bad. Like they couldn’t manage their affairs with their landlord like every other business does, and afterwards they bad mouth their successors. If they’re looking for a new location, they sure had better hope this negative publicity campaign doesn’t come to the attention of prospective landlords, who might not be interested in taking on such an `entitled’ tenant with a history of trouble like this.

    I’m not saying that’s really how it is, it’s just how this word of mouth thing makes them look, from a business perspective. I imagine in this big city there have been many, many retail tenants who have been unhappy with their landlords – really, what a curse I imagine it must be to try to make a go of it with all the work that has to be done to run a business and the skimpy profits, and then have to feed a landlord on top of that who has the power to send you packing at any time – but we normally don’t hear a word about it, because they’re grown-ups.

  • Margaret Hamilton

    . . . in a perfect world: buy the building the little independent business is in. Be the landlord you wish to be. Cut out the commercial realtors and the people who pass buildings around on paper regardless of the commerce going on in their respective retail/restaurant spaces. (And figure out a way to lower WA state sales tax so brick-and-mortar spaces can be competitive with Oregon and the interweb.)

  • Michael H.

    I agree with Donn. If anything the story above makes Rain look bad. It claims that Rain was trying to pick up some extra cash by selling something that didn’t belong to them, the space that they were leasing from someone else. It’s not really surprising that the people who actually own the space wouldn’t want to play ball.

    In reality, I’m not going to let it reflect on my opinion of Rain, Miyabi, or anyone else, because despite “Wally’s” claim that he is not a liar, nor are the people who he heard it from, I have no idea who he or any of these people are and no reason to think they know what happened.

  • info

    packages repeatedly stolen from our apt building mail area.

  • impliedobserver

    Anyone know of a place you can get a growler on Thanksgiving?

  • Rob

    re: Growlers

    Have you tried Chuck’s Hop Shop? I wouldn’t put it past them to be open Thursday morning just for this sort of thing. Maybe Bottleworks? (I doubt it.)

    But why not just get one as late as possible on Wednesday? Keep the lid on and keep it in the fridge. It’ll be fine.

  • Margaret

    @impliedobserver, I know Zaw Pizza had growlers when they first opened on Stone. Maybe call them to see if they still do growlers: 206-297-1334.

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