Caught (on video) in the act

Craig writes:

In case anyone recognizes this idiot: Amazon van dropped off the package yesterday (1/15) at 1:30pm on Sunnyside. Thief showed up at 2:00pm. I have the whole thing on video. I was at home in addition to my two dogs, but didn’t hear him on the front porch. Package was an $8.54 8 oz container of plant fertilizer! I would loooove to get this guy identified, or at least put people on the lookout for him and his large black bag that he stashes the packages in. 
Craig adds that he has contacted the Seattle Police Department as well.


Pam’s Kitchen Opening in Wallingford

The Selena’s Guadalajara / Chabela’s / Patty’s Eggnest /  Salut Bistro spot on 45th has a new tenant on the way: Pam’s Kitchen.

According to their web site:

pic-seattle-res-pams2The story of Pam’s Kitchen starts over 20 years ago, when the owner and chef Pam Jacobs was still living in her native country of Trinidad. She had a small establishment there, called ‘Pam’s Snack Shack’, but she always dreamed of coming to the Pacific Northwest to open a full restaurant.

When Pam moved to Seattle around 1994, she realized her dream, slowly but surely. While paying the bills with her housekeeping work, Jacobs began doing some catering for her housecleaning clients and their friends. They loved her roti! So, she decided to take her cooking to the next level, with a booth at a street fair in the University District. They had a huge line of waiting customers!

One thing led to another, and in 2006, Pam Jacobs opened her first Pam’s Kitchen in the University District near the University Heights Center on University Way.

Everybody needed an education on what Trinidadian food was, how to eat roti, and so on, so Pam and her family had a lot of work to do! Our team was happy to transform our restaurant into the cozy place it is today, bringing our vibe and spirit to the neighborhood. […]

Unfortunately, in early 2014 Pam’s Kitchen in the University District will have to close due to the impending demolition of our building. Not to worry, we will find a new home for Pam’s Kitchen as soon as we can!

Sounds like they found that new location, and it’s 45th Street in Wallingford. No word yet on when it’s scheduled to open, but the reviews of their existing location on Yelp are solid, and they earned a visit from the Food Channel’s Guy Fieri.

Update: Just spoke with Pam. She says they will be opening last weekend in February or early March. She will be cooking there (her Eastlake store is lunch only). She says it will “not be a stuck up restaurant. You gonna feel like you’re in my kitchen,” and is hoping to have live, Caribbean / steel drum music once a month.

It will be open for dinner initially, and then they’ll move into lunch over the following weeks. They’ll still have the bar and remain open until 11 pm in the evenings.

(Thanks for the tip, Raven and db)

Green Lake Elementary Tours

Elementary school tour season continues. Trung Hua, Geen Lake Elementary’s PTA New Student Liaison for New Families, writes:

schoolWe would love to share with new families considering to start their child at Green Lake Elementary. We have two SPECIAL guided school tours for new families, which will require your registration. These tours are an opportunity to meet our principal and staff, and see the facility including our new Cafetorium (lunch room and auditorium opening this Spring). They may bring their child, though we do not have childcare. (And if their child is entering kindergarten, there is an ice cream social welcoming new kindergartners in late May.)

TO MAKE A TOUR RESERVATION, please leave name, email, phone, adults/children attending, and reason (1=relocation; 2=assigned to school; 3=curious). This information will help us tremendously to ensure you are placed with the appropriate tour guide.

Also, please check out our Green Lake Elementary PTA website, which has some interesting information about current happenings at our school including our ever-growing after-school enrichment programs.


MLK Night Fundraiser for FamilyWorks

Pecado Bueno in Fremont is hosting a fundraiser for Wallingford’s FamilyWorks on Monday night, with all proceeds helping out the food bank.

A $15 admission for adults or $10 for kids gets you an all you can eat Taco Bar and music by Tangletown String Band.  Stop in between 5-8pm.


Wallyhood 2015

Happy birthday, Wallyhood: it was 6 years ago this week that the first post appeared. Since then, there have been 4,408 posts and 21,937 comments, if WordPress is to be believed (and 4,291,243 page views, if Google is to be believed).

Plaza-de-Espana2015 is going to be a bit different: on March 9th, my wife Michelle, my six-year-old son Zev and I will all three board a plane for Seville, Spain, beginning a three-month (or more) trip abroad. Our plan is to wander around Europe a bit, living in various cities for three to four weeks at a spell: long enough to see the sights, get to know the corner coffeeshop, and maybe make some friends, then on to the next. We haven’t decided where we’ll go after Seville, preferring to let the wind blow us.

I’ll still be working my day job while abroad (the wonders of the Internet: my office can be wherever I flip open my laptop, wifi permitting), but it’s a stretch to think I could continue to write Wallyhood while I’m gone. It would be disservice to you as much as to myself.

I’d love to hear suggestions about what to do with Wallyhood while I’m gone, so that the community can continue to benefit from the platform. In my dreamworld, there’s just a constant flow of articles and news bits written by you all, and somehow curated and edited by you all, as well. I’m not sure how to make that work, though.

Unless there’s someone out there who wants to mind the shop while I’m gone, I’ll likely hang a “Gone Fishing” sign on the site, and post general bulletins only occasionally, as whim and time permit. Of course, even to do that, I’ll need you, the readers, to email me stories and news as complete as possible: I can try to email questions or make the occasional phone call, but again, I’ll be there, not here. The forums will remain open.

If you’re interested in following along, yes, we’ll definitely be blogging our trip. I’ll post info here on where to go for that shortly. And if you know anyone you’d like to introduce us to (especially families with kids!) out that way, please let us know! We’re much more interested in spending time with people who live there than we are in snapping selfies of ourselves next to the Eiffel Tower or checking things off a “bucket list”.

Thanks everyone for reading, contributing, harassing and encouraging all these years. It’s been a ton of fun.


Always fun happenings at the Chapel Performance Space at the Good Shepherd Center. This coming Saturday, January 17th, the Tiptons Sax Quartet and Drums presents Mythunderstandings:
398979_4687667147039_894621784_n-403x400An Oral History-Driven, Multi-Media Performance
This collaborative performance features an award-winning creative team: film maker Adam Sekuler and director Lisa Halpern, with the Tiptons Sax Quartet collaborating with Coastal Salish story-teller/musician Paul ‘Che oke ten’ Wagner.

Mythunderstandings explores the common threads of our individual experiences and the myths we tell ourselves and each other to make sense of them.  How do people deal with Fate, Superstition, Love, Death and other facets of the Human Experience?

The heart of this audio/visual feast is centered around personal stories recorded from a diverse range of people— including a hoarder, a refugee, an adoptee, a bank teller, several grand mothers, and a northwest Salish tribe member, whose tales are woven together into a provocative tapestry of video and live music, presented with humor and pathos.

The Tiptons Sax Quartet:

  • Amy Denio: alto sax, clarinet, accordion, voice
  • Jessica Lurie: alto & tenor sax, flute, accordion, voice
  • Sue Orfield: tenor sax, piano, voice
  • Tobi Stone: baritone sax, voice
  • Tarik Abouzied: drums and percussion
  • Paul ‘Che oke ten’ Wagner: tribal drum, cedar flutes, voice, stories

This project was developed with support in part by 4Culture.

Show’s at 8 pm, tickets are by donation, sliding scale, $5 – $20.


IMG_2100Maureen writes:

This morning a large cockerel arrived and parked himself at the Wallingford Methodist Church, complete with the requisite cock-a-doodle doo morning serenade for all in the vicinity of 42nd and Bagley.  This guys is big and healthy.  He is more than just an “oops” from a batch of chicks.  We haven’t seen or heard him before in the neighborhood and are speculating that maybe his owner got desperate and decided to just ditch him here.  He seems pretty determined to hang out on the church fence for a while.

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