Scarecrow Grand Reopening

IVSD3 2014Scarecrow Video (once a Wallyhood sponsor) has completed its transition from a privately owned company to The Scarecrow Project, a non-profit (see earlier article on their Kickstarter campaign to help fund the switch), and are holding a Grand Re-Opening event to celebrate the move:

In August of this year, The Scarecrow Project, a new non-profit, launched a Kickstarter campaign in order raise the funds necessary to take-over the stewardship of the world-renown Scarecrow Video.  With over 1800 donors pledging their support either online or in the store, this crowd-funding campaign was an overwhelming success.  Now, with the plan in place and the funds secured, this dream is becoming reality.

This Saturday, October 18th, begins the next chapter in Scarecrow’s history and we invite movie lovers everywhere to join us in celebration!  In a serendipitous stroke, this Saturday is also the 4th Annual International Video Store Day – a day set aside to show extra love and support to all our favorite video stores.  As if this isn’t enticement enough, here are a few more reasons why Scarecrow Video should be your destination this Saturday:

  • 50% off all Criterion titles! (No fooling!)
  • Additional sales on New & Used titles
  • Box Art Bingo
  • Geeks Who Drink video trivia rounds
  • Chocolati temptations
  • Music, prizes, giveaways and lots more!

Come join in the festivities!  Whether you are a long-time supporter or just discovering Scarecrow Video for the first time, come be a part of the beginning of the future of this world famous, one-of-a-kind film experience that can only be found here in Seattle!

Scowling at Prowling

2570935_a96bcb4873_zThe Wallingford Moms mailing list carried a story recently of a suspicious character wandering into yards around our neighborhood:

Just wanted to let everyone know that there was a younger man (twenties) who was just prowling around our property. He is wearing white tank top and white shorts and has multiple tattoos. He rode his bike past our house and then turned around and came up our driveway which has a car in it and was headed back to our garage yes in the middle of the day on a Saturday with us home.

When we approached him he said he was here to buy a bike listed on Craigslist for $60. He was on a perfectly good bike and he was not at our front door but wandering into our garage. We are not selling a bike and he said he was looking for 2315 Sunnyside which we are on the 40th block and that is not a proper address. We told him to quit prowling around and get off of our property and he took off. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. If I had to guess he is looking for some easy things to steal and sell.

Another Wallingford Mom confirmed and added:

Just to follow up with the last email. My husband caught the same prowler(s) at 3:00 on 43rd and Bagley. He was coming out the front door and heard them in the side yard of our neighbors giving the signal that “Jack” may be coming by. They turned around and my husband confronted them. They said they were looking for Jack from the Craigslist ad. Kevin told them of course there was no Jack and immediately called the police. They took off pretty quickly. Two white males late twenties, one wearing a significant amount of chains around his neck.

Since they are still in the neighborhood I would suggest calling the police if you see them on or around your property.

Which reminds me: has anyone had packages stolen off their porch since the big bust last month?

(Photo not actual prowlers)

Cider Press (and Sample) on Saturday

FECOCiderRuth and Justin, the coordinators of the Freeway Estates Community Orchard (FECO), wrote to invite the neighborhood to their 4th annual cider press, which is also a celebration of FECO’s receipt of a Large Grant from the Department of Neighborhoods.

The little orchard that could is ready to move into the next phase of its development with this grant, and has a vision for turning the orchard into a welcoming space for the community. Already, they’ve been engaging the next generation of gardeners with a partnership with McDonald elementary, teaching volunteers new skills like plant propagation, and planting to attract beneficial insects and pollinators. There is some big heart in that little orchard!

Bring a mug, bring apples to donate if you have any, and bring your crank-turning muscles! Here’s the official invite:

Freeway Estates Community Orchard 4th Annual Cider Fest Saturday, October 18, 2014, from 2:00 to 5:00 pm. 6th Ave NE, just two blocks south of NE 65th St.   Activities for all! Help us celebrate our receipt of a Large Grant from the Department of Neighborhoods.   We appreciate all apple donations since our young trees are just starting to produce. Please note, we will not be able to press apples for individuals.

How Wallingford Got Its Name

45-meridian-w-trolley-then-mr1Wallingford’s Paul Dorpat recently ran a fun article in his Seattle Now and Then series in the Seattle Times: How Wallingford Got Its Name. Not just from the  developer, former city councilman and Green Lake resident John Wallingford, but primarily from the Wallingford Car Line trolley that ran through this section.

For more historical photos and background, Paul has a great article on his web site, Section Lines on Wallingford Hill. Photo at right, from that article, is now the Tully’s building, soon to be the CVS.

(Thanks for the tip, Taylor Moss. Photo from Paul’s web site, where it is courtesy of Lawton Gowey, presumably taken by Lawton’s father.)

Pharmaca Healthy Digestion

Pharmaca is hosting a Healthy Digestion event this Thursday, noon – 4 pm:

(Sponsored Post)

Wallingford Chamber Logo Contest

chamber-logoTaking a cue from the Wallingford Community Council, which ran a successful logo contest here earlier this year, the Wallingford Chamber of Commerce is putting a call out for their own logo contest. Nancy Treder writes:

The Wallingford Chamber of Commerce is changing its logo to keep in step with all the changes in Wallingford. Our current logo is nothing more than a mix of fonts which is fine, but not spectacular. We need your help. We are calling upon all designers, artists and marketing gurus we are offering fame and fortune, for a new Walllingford Chamber of Commerce logo.


    • Black & White
    • The words: Wallingford Chamber of Commerce
    • We do need something to suggest neighborhood and/or Wallingford (no more Space Needle).

All entries to be submitted by Oct. 31st, 2014 to [email protected]. Winner to be announced mid-November.

Existing logo above.


Vanishing Mirage

IMG_1277Joan spotted a “Retirement Sale” sign in the window of Mirage Shoes (4417 Wallingford Ave N).

“Maybe another shoe store with a bit hipper (but less comfortable?) shoes will open up next to them to complement Wish next door and Indie Frock around the corner. Something like ReSoul in Ballard or Sole Food at U Village would be awesome,” she adds.

Their web site explains that they are retiring the store after 17 years in business and will be selling down their stock. No closing date is given. We’ll check and update here.


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