Fire in Fremont

That plume of black smoke you see is coming from 434 N. 35th Street. We understand it’s at Asko Metal, a metal processing plant. Here’s some activity from Twitter with photos:


More Squeezies

MapForNotice18092Sharon spotted a new development project going through the permitting process at 1240 Midvale Pl N (that little triangle across the street from Fuerte Fitness, where 45th St forks, curves up and merges with 46th).

The project calls for “a four story structure containing 33 residential units above 2,300 sq. ft. of commercial space. Existing structure to be demolished.”

The existing structure is The Back Clinic.

An Design Review Early Guidance meeting will be held on October 13, 6:30 pm at the University Heights Comm Center (5031 University Way NE) in Room #209. The design proposal is not yet available.

The owner of the building is Joe Paar and the architect Kim Fong.



2014-09-19 14.13.51Remember back in April, when we talked about how there was going to be a parklet outside Molly Moon’s?

Well, there’s a parklet outside Molly Moon’s!

Erika writes:

Cute idea, but aside from the two swing seats, there is no seating unless you want to plop down on the astroturf. And considering the number of dogs that wander that way with their owners, that doesn’t appear to be the best idea. People park themselves on the sloping window ledges of the fire-destroyed restaurant next door to eat their ice cream. Wouldn’t bench seats all around the parklet have made more sense? Especially since two parking spots were lost in the making of this park.

Shortly thereafter, she amended her report:

 Was there this evening and saw plenty of people sit on the astroturf. Still think raised seating would have been preferable…

Have you checked it out? What do you think?

2014-09-19 14.12.55


(Photos by Mrs. Wallyhood, taken Sept 19th, when the parklet was still under constructioning.)


Seattle Writes at Wallingford Library

Interested in honing your writing chops? There’s a free workshop this week at the Wallingford Public Library:

3531532114_78338e283d_mSeattle Writes – Voices Up: Writing the Stories of Our Lives (2-hour class, free)
September 30th, 5:30-7:30 PM
Wallingford Branch Library, 1501 N 45th Street (in the Solid Ground building)

This workshop explores short nonfiction, personal essays and flash memoir. Registration is required.  Please call Quick Information at 206-386-4636 or any Library branch.

Instructor Ann Teplick is a playwright, poet and young adult author. She has taught with Writers in the Schools (WITS), Hugo House and the Pongo Teen Writing Project, which works with incarcerated and at-risk youth to help them express their thoughts and emotions through the written/spoken word. Teplick has an MFA in creative writing from Vermont College.

Directions to the Wallingford Branch Library can be found here.

Trilogy Anniversary Today

Trilogy Chiropractic is holding a free BBQ to celebrate its two year anniversary in Wallingford today, and it looks like the weather has chosen to cooperate:
Trilogy Chiropractic is celebrating two years in the great neighborhood of Wallingford!  In honor of that we’re throwing a big party and everyone is invited,  whether you are a patient or not!  It’ll be this Saturday, September 27th from 12-3pm.  We are located at 3933 Stone Way N, on the corner of Stone Way and Bridge.  The Prescott apartment complex is across from us and we’re right beside the 7-11.  We’ll be grilling out right in our parking lot and serving up plenty of great drinks and food so you won’t go hungry for sure!  We’ll also be having some fantastic local businesses that we love to support and they’ll be showing off their services as well.  Please feel free to bring the whole family as everyone is welcome!  Please go to for more information or to RSVP!

Log Jam On The 26

DOUG. writes:

This was the scene on Thackeray Pl NE, between 42nd and 43rd at 8:30 this morning. A large delivery truck carrying lumber was stuck on Thackeray for about and hour because it was too big to make the turn at 42nd. I spoke briefly to the truck driver, who blamed his GPS (technology!).

Three #26 Metro buses were stuck behind him. All were empty. Presumably the passengers had gotten off and found another way to move along.

So if you were wondering why your 26 never came (or was an hour late) this morning, now you know!

Halloween Scheming

Last year, there was some enthusiasm around the idea of Reverse Trick or Treating, the idea of going out and engaging with trick-or-treaters, or even going to people’s houses to give them treats. I’d like your help in evolving this idea, or something related, but Halloween in Wallingford this year.

Here’s where I’m coming from: Halloween is one of the best holidays out there: kids get to be creative, dressing up in costumes, roving in bands, being scared, being amused, being amazed.

58397949_23b88a1c72_zTrick-or-treating is fun, but has some flaws: kids go door-to-door, hold out their bags and fill them up with candy that often gets thrown away or, worse yet, eaten. Most of the treats are the same: cheap chocolate mini-bars. Next house, same bars. Next house, same bars. What a wasted opportunity for awesomeness.

That, and the rise in allergies (nut, gluten, corn, egg, dairy, etc.) has made many of the treats verboten to a growing block of kids. Kids who deserve a fun Halloween!

Our best times on Halloween have been at the amazing haunted houses that people have created, like the one 42nd and 1st Ave NE and the one at 42nd and Corliss, or the day glo dungeon on Sunnyside below 42nd. The kids get so excited to interact with these amazing art and performance pieces that people have put on, and the parents chat with each other, and it feels like a carnival. So much more amazing than just going house to house filling up a bag of corn syrup and palm oil.

So, I’ve got a few ideas that I wanted to run by you, let’s see what there’s enthusiasm for this year.

First idea: call-out for roving reverse trick-or-treaters. Last year, Erin went out as Elliott from ET and stopped people on the street to give them bubbles and candy. Zev and I rolled a wagon full of super-balls, and quizzed kids with fun questions before giving over the goods.

How about make-believe camera crew interviewing kids about their costumes, in character (you’re dressed as superman, expect to be asked what it’s like to fly)? Or a fortune-teller offering to tell fortunes? Or the Headless Horseman looking for his head? Roving bartender for the adults?

Imagine if there were people all over the neighborhood intercepting bands of children, giving them more fun than just a candy bar in a bag?

Second idea: same as above, more or less, except we block off a street (preferably near one of the aforementioned haunted houses) and encourage folks to come set up their acts and games there. With a fixed place (and perhaps some power cords from friendly neighbors), we could have games, a performance stage, all sortsa fun.

So anyway, that’s some ideas to start with. What do people think?

(Photo by Michael Hanscom)

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