Dog Hit and Run

Ray asked that we post this poster, asking for info regarding a hit and run that ended a dog’s life on Sunday:


Wallingford Chili Cook-Off

(Vivian sent in this announcement)

Wallingford_Chili_Cook_Off_Flier_REVISED_pdfWe are excited to announce the First Annual Wallingford Chili Cook Off hosted by Gift of Grace Lutheran Church located in Wallingford at 2102 N. 40th St. on Sunday Oct. 5, at Noon!

Come and eat the best chili in Wallingford and/or enter the best chili in the Wallingford Chili Cook Off.

We are inviting residents of the Wallingford neighborhood to prepare their Chili to be entered into this Cook Off where five judges (local Wallingford restaurant owners/chefs and a Gift of Grace member) will taste and select the most delicious and appropriate chili for our purpose.

First Prize Winner earns the bragging rights of their chili to be used in the recipe book and rotating menu for our Sunday Dinner that we call GraceFeast*. This is a free community event where neighbors may also participate by eating chili, GraceFeast Cornbread, enjoying live music and awaiting the outcome of the Cook Off!

What is our purpose? *What is GraceFeast? Each Sunday, we invite our neighbors, by personal invitation to GraceFeast. The point of GraceFeast is that homed and homeless people gather together for a homemade, family style meal. It is not a soup kitchen, feeding program or a social service. It is not a service TO a group of people as much as it is a service AMONG people of diverse demographics. Gathering together builds genuine relationships and an opportunity for genuine community.

You will find the “Rules” below (or you may visit but if you have any questions, you may contact Vivian at 206-795-1220.WALLINGFORD CHILI COOK OFF RULESContestants may submit your recipe to Gift of Grace c/o Wallingford Chili Cook Off  @ 2102 N. 40th St. Seattle, WA 98103

The winner of the Chili Cook Off will have the honor of their chili recipe included in the rotational dinner menu for GraceFeast, a weekly Sunday Dinner hosted by Gift of Grace in service to the Wallingford neighborhood. The winner will also be awarded a gift basket with items procured from the Wallingford business community.

  •  The submission deadline is Sept. 20, 2014
  • In your submission, please provide a written recipe that would serve 50-60 people (Judges will not see your recipe). Include the cost of this 50-60 servings batch, your name, address in Wallingford and a contact (either email or phone number) so that we may assign a number to your chili submission
  • The cost of the batch of chili (serving 50-60) should be no more that $60
  • On the Chili Cook Off Day, please provide (at least) a 5-6 quart pot (that serves approx. 16)
  • Your chili will need to be prepared off site
  • Deliver your heated chili to the Gift of Grace kitchen on Sunday Oct. 5 no later than 11:30AM (the kitchen is the most Southern door on the East side of the building)
  • Please maintain your anonymity when delivering your chili but have your entry number attached to the container

Definition of Chili:

  • Your chili should not be cost prohibitive (no exotic ingredients that are difficult to access)
  • You may use beans or not
  • It may be made with or without meat
  • You may use red or green chilies and there is no heat restriction (though extremely hot chili may not be appropriate for GraceFeast Dinners)
  • The total cooking and prep time (not including bean soak, if that is your method) should not be more than 4 hours

The chili will also be judged on these qualities

  • Color
  • Aroma
  • Consistency
  • Taste
  • Aftertaste
  • Thrift


11177487605_a48f4b8ee4_zKellie spotted this story on the Seattle Police Department’s blog:

Officers Catch Wallingford Burglar

A 34-year-old man is behind bars after breaking into an occupied Wallingford home Sunday morning.

Around 7:30 AM, a startled Seattle man called officers to the 1200 block of North Allen Place when an equally surprised burglar ambled into his kitchen.

The burglar made a prompt exit of the home with the homeowner in tow and on the phone with police. Officers were given a description of the suspect and his last known location.

Officers flooded the area and stopped a man matching the description near North 50th Street and Woodland Park Ave North. After the homeowner confirmed the identity of the bumbling burglar he was arrested.

The suspect was booked into King County Jail on investigation of burglary.

Finally! I saw a friend of mine over here in east Wallingford who said they had someone burgle their house recently. They were out of town, and the dogsitter arrived one morning to find that someone had broken in through their back door and gone through drawers and closets throughout the house. Some money was taken, but very little else (laptop computers were left behind, for example).

(Photo of Kilmainham Gaol taken by Monika, probably nothing like King County Jail.)

Car theft lost-and-found

unnamed (7)First, the car theft found Crista writes:

There was a 2 sided, black, car emergency kit found in our front yard (4210 Thackeray) this morning [Friday or Saturday].  One side holds jumper cables, the other side has been more or less emptied. If your car was broken into last night and this sounds like yours, please get in touch.

Email [email protected] if they’re yours. On the lost side, Michelle writes:

We had a car window smashed last night and some things stolen from a car on 42nd and meridian ave. I was wondering if at all possible to post a picture of this custom made bag that was stolen with baby stuff as well as health documents. We are thinking  maybe the bag was ditched somewhere after the valuables were taken?

At right. If you find it, email [email protected] and we’ll put you in touch. Thanks!

Garage Sales

Last of of mini-Wallingford garage sale fest. Still lots of good stuff, including petite women’s clothing, baby stuff, toys for boys 2 – 5, electronics, costumes and some nice furniture (David Smith Balinese coffee table, shelves, drawers, etc.) at 4065 4th Ave NE. See Wallingford Garage Sales for the full list.

Green Lake Closed To Swimming

Today is likely to be the warmest day for the rest of the year here in Seattle, with a high of 86. You’re probably thinking it’s your last opportunity to jump in Green Lake for a little cool-me-down. Think twice.

Seattle Park and Rec says:

Green Lake closed to swimming, water contact due to toxic algae

The level of toxins in the algae at Green Lake has increased and has prompted parks and Public Health officials to close the lake to swimming and water contact for people and dogs.

People and pets should not swim, wade or play in the lake. Dog owners should be especially cautious not to allow animals to go in or drink from the lake. If there is water contact for a pet, it is important to rinse well to remove all algae.

Symptoms of illness from contacting the toxins in water are eye, nose, and mouth irritation and skin rash. If accidental contact occurs, use clean water to promptly rinse skin. Swallowing the toxins may cause abdominal pain, diarrhea vomiting and in severe cases liver damage.  If symptoms occur after swallowing lake water, park users should consult a health care professional or veterinarian immediately. Pets are at highest risk.

Tests have revealed that high levels of toxins are currently found in the algae and are higher in areas where algae collect.  King County Department of Natural Resources has been conducting weekly testing of water at various locations around Green Lake as well as scum samples submitted through the State Toxic Algae Program. After each test, the information is reviewed by Public Health – Seattle & King County.

The lake remains open to fishing (though fish should be thoroughly cleaned) and boating in stable boats. Avoid areas of scum when boating.

Seattle Parks and Recreation’s lifeguarded beaches closed for the season on Sept. 1.

A warm, dry summer has promoted the algae bloom, and continued warm weather continues to promote it. Blooms have been known to last into November in particularly warm autumns, and typically disappear as the weather gets colder.

Toxic algae blooms appeared at Green Lake in 1999, 2002, 2003, 2012 and in 2013, resulting in warnings to the public about exposure to the algae. Intense blooms of blue-green algae have occurred in Green Lake since 1916. Phosphorus released from the bottom sediments stimulates algae growth. Treating the lake with alum inactivates the phosphorus that is released from the bottom sediments and prevents stimulation of the algae growth. Green Lake was successfully treated with alum in 1991 and 2004. The water quality improved for several years following treatment on both occasions, and has been mostly good since 2004.

Green Lake is home to cyanobacteria, also known as blue-green algae that are regularly present in small numbers. When nutrients are plentiful and the weather is warm, the conditions are right for an algae bloom to take place. Winds can concentrate the buoyant cyanobacteria into accumulations or scums along the shoreline, which may increase the amount of toxin that could be ingested by pets or people using the lake recreationally.

For more information on cyanobacteria, please visit Washington Department of Health toxic algae website.

946091690_f6bbcc225d_z (1)

(Photo not of Green Lake, nor of toxic algae, but kinda pretty and semi-topical. Taken by Kara Forristall.)

Big Hands Returns to the Scene of the Crime

A couple weeks ago, Big Hands Guy, the notorious redeemer of things unpurchased, popped up in Wallingford after a long absence. Last Friday, GamerGrl posted:

I have seen him three times this morning cruising 45th. He’s doing a circuit between Domino’s and Bartell’s. He’s wearing a Geek Squad (from Best Buy) tee.

Then, he returned to the scene of the crime. Hanako O’Leary from Seattle Mosaic Arts writes:

So only about a week after he came into our shop and tricked us, Big Hands Guy comes back for round two.  I had just opened the store and was getting ready for the day when who walks in but Big Hands Guy!

Before he could say anything, I immediately called him out for coming into our store the week before, stealing merchandise off our shelves, and returning them for cash.  He became very offended and insisted that he didn’t steal anything, that he had receipts to prove his innocence in the car.  I told him he would have to show me his receipts or leave.

He stomped out of the store muttering obscenities.  I called the cops.

Everyone beware of Big Hands Guy!

See our post earlier this month for a photo.

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