Tonight the Meaningful Movies covers industrial hemp with the movie Bringing it Home. The movie dates to 2013 though, and apparently in 2014 the farm bill made it so industrial hemp is now somewhat legalized too. If I remember correctly from college, hemp is the hippie farmer wonder material, kind of like what carbon nanotubes are to the tech world.

Beyond that, Andrew Lee is performing piano on Friday at 8 PM and Saturday at 7 PM for the Wayward Music Series in Good Shepherd Center Chapel. Andrew will be performing the work of composer Randy Gibson, see if the cut below tickles you:

Finally, there’s chickens to consider! At 10 AM on Saturday Tilth is having a class to teach you how to raise chicks and hopefully keep them safe from raccoons and each other. Or you can go to the Portage Bay Grange down in the U-District and check out all the stuff for fun, including fresh chicks every week, ducks, coops, and all the trappings.

Our chicks start in a 20 gallon fish tank for 2 weeks, then graduate to our shower for 2 months, then graduate to the coop out back when summer is in full swing. An electric fence outside is great for keeping away the raccoons. We’ve been getting a fresh batch of chicks every 2 years for the past 14 years now, so we think it’s worth it, although we could probably rent out the coop now adays for $1,000 a month.

Here are the chicks we have now, one week ago when they were 8 days old:

Chicks 2015

Mr Gyros is open and it is everything you’d hope for- economical, super tasty, and friendly. I asked why they chose the spot they did and they said it was small and they didn’t want the overhead of a place with a lot of tables since that doesn’t help them. The pita bread is really nice and they offer to make the food spicy, yet my kids both liked the offerings too. They don’t mess around, offering the same basic menu for lunch or dinner.


The block is really fun now and sort of anchors East Wallingford- you have roller derby stuff at Fast Girl, then Mr Gyros, then the Hawaiian General Store + travel agent, coffee at A Muddy Cup, Djan’s Thai, and then a block away is Comics Dungeon. Bedrooms and More looks slated to become some sort of bedroom palace according to DPD plans. It’s too bad it’s all right next to the car-centric places like the gas station, the burger place, and Jiffy Lube, but I guess otherwise rents would go up and the offerings might be less interesting.


Monday Tuesday morning while driving my kids to daycare, I saw the remnants of yet another accident. Wallyhood reader Stephanie also witnessed the aftermath. She writes:

I was hoping you could do a story on the accident that happened this morning (around 8am) on the corner of 39th and Wallingford.  Looked like one person was going to the hospital and another car actually ended up on the sidewalk (thankfully it didn’t look like anyone was on the sidewalk at the time).  Would love to know what happened because I feel like there are always horns blowing on that corner (and I swear 5 cars do a u-turn daily)  and it seems pretty dangerous (especially given the other intersections on Wallingford that seem to be having similar issues per prior posts).

Kyle Moore, Public Information Officer for the Seattle Fire Department, only had limited information about this collision: “Ladder 9 responded this morning at 7:51 a.m. for a report of an auto accident with a patient who is bleeding. We arrived on scene.  The dispatch report does not indicate if we treated or transported a patient.” I have a call in to Seattle Police Department, but I haven’t heard back at this time. I will update the post if I get anything else.

I wonder if the commenters on the previous post were on to something when they said that visibility is poor when turning onto Wallingford Ave N from a side street because of the many cars parked on Wallingford. That and an increase in traffic should give us all the more reason to drive safely in our neighborhood. Let’s hope we don’t have to post about another accident soon.

Photo by Wallyhood reader Stephanie

Update: Kyle Moore talked to the fire crew and says the following: “My crew called me back. It was a 4 car accident with one 24 year old male driver with a head wound. Firefighter backboarded and collared the patient and AMR ambulance transported him to the hospital in stable condition.”

I’ll see if I can get more details from SPD. A four car accident seems pretty bad for a neighborhood street.

Pam’s Kitchen May be Breaking The Curse

I ate at Guadalajara when it was a dive bar and got the only vegetarian thing on the menu- refried beans that, when served, still had the can ripples on the side. The place was converted into a family Mexican restaurant with glass and wood carved tables, giving birth soon after to Selena’s Guadalajara. Selena’s had some staying power and the transgender waitress was phenomenal, but it wasn’t great food and towards the end it got empty and sad. I kept hoping it would be taken over by Rosita’s.

Casa Azul stepped in and seemed to have good food but I think the idea of a Mexican restaurant in that space had been tarnished by the versions of Guadalajara that preceded it. No foodie was going to venture in there. Patty’s Eggnest never seemed to get traction either, plus they suffered from mixed reviews.

IMG_0269We’ve been 3 times to Pam’s Kitchen since it opened, even though as vegetarians that’s meant getting the same thing each time. I still can’t decide if the place is worth going to, yet I keep going back. It’s a happy place that is comfortably full, has good music, and has addictive spice. The food is like Ethiopian but with Indian style breads. For a fun outing it naturally pops up. On the flip side, the food and drinks are overpriced, so if you want a great ginger beer with rum you need to reconcile yourself with paying $9 for a tiny glass of it.

In other restaurant news, Mr Gyros was supposed to open on Monday of this week but was closed as of noon on Monday, so I couldn’t check it out. I’ve been missing falafel sandwiches ever since the Golden Olive left.

Also, a few local restaurants are taking part in “Seattle Restaurant Week” over the next 2 weeks, Monday through Thursday. They serve 3 course dinners for $30: KisakuMiyabi, Tilth, and Yoroshiku, with Miyabi and Yoroshiku also offering $15 2 course lunches.

Finally, Wallyhood could really use a restaurant critic with a tart tongue, please let me know if you’re interested. While I could write up a whole book on the ethics of different food choices (fun!), when it comes to how things taste I just want to say “good” or “not good”. Maybe you can do better?

Peg Achterman shares her couchrage:

Once it rains even one time – or the crows decide there is something tantalizing in there – or just one dog raises a leg. NO ONE WILL PICK IT UP.

Could we just agree that one day is enough? And there are many many vans that will pick up. Please? It’s just silly and unsightly.
Here are some resources:
Seriously – it just takes a phone call.


Wallyhood Calendar: Carr, Whirligig, and Alice

Here’s some highlights from the coming week on the Wallyhood Calendar:

  • Your school board rep Sherry Carr is available at 8:30 this morning and the second Saturday of every month from 8:30 AM to 10 AM at Bethany Community Church – Christian Education Building, 8023 Green Lake Dr. You may wish to discuss with her the possibility that Hamilton is thinking about expanding into Lincoln.
  • Alice in Wonderland begins its run at Stone Soup Theatre. The performance runs Friday – Saturday evenings at 7:30pm and from April 10 – May 3, with Saturday Sunday matinees at 3pm, $12.50 previews on April 8 and 9. General admission prices are $15-$25, $20 for seniors. All Thursdays after preview are Pay-What-You-Will. Tickets are available for purchase at, by phone at the Stone Soup Box Office at (206) 633-1883 or at, 800-838-3006.


  • Spring Break and Whirligig: Bounce with abandon on super-sized inflatable rides! Step inside Seattle Center Armory, and you’ll find free and affordable non-stop FUN including balloon artists, face painters, Student Showcases and delicious foods from new Armory eateries. For children 12 and under. A Toddler’s Zone is also available. Prices range from $1.50 for a single ride ticket to $8.00 for an all-day pass. 11 AM to 6 PM daily, rides are FREE on Thursdays. Learn more at
  • MS Walk / Run Sunday morning on the Burke Gilman: Expect the Burke Gilman from UW to Gasworks to be filled up with good will on Sunday morning. More info here:
  • Familyworks this Thursday: Looking for something to do during spring break?  Come join FamilyWorks for free children’s books, crafts & activities, and story time!  Kids of all ages are welcome with an adult. More info:

Drop us a line if you want a non-commercial or artistic event featured on the calendar. Thanks!

Accidents at Wallingford and N 41st Street

North 41stOn Thursday April 2nd, I was driving on N 42nd Street towards Wallingford Ave N when I saw what appeared to be the aftermath of a car accident on Wallingford. There was a black SUV with some pretty bad damage to the front and a girl on the sidewalk crying with a woman.

I thought it was strange because my husband had just witnessed an accident at Wallingford and N 41st in December. In fact, that same week in December my husband saw the aftermath of a car/bicycle accident on Densmore Ave N not too far away.

I requested data on car accidents for the intersection of Wallingford Ave N and N 41st and N 42nd Streets. WSDOT were able to give me the data from 1/1/2001 until 1/10/2015. Only nine accidents have occurred at those two intersections during the time cited, yet three of them are within the last six months. Those three were all at N 41st Street. Perhaps it’s just a coincidence that there are several accidents now where their weren’t before. Or perhaps things are getting worse. A crosswalk was installed at that across Wallingford Ave N recently, but I’m not sure how that would cause the surge in accidents.

I asked Brian Dougherty, Senior Transportation Planner at the City of Seattle Department of Transportation, his thoughts. He wrote:

There have been three collisions reported at 41st all of which occurred in the past year. While this is not out of the ordinary for a typical arterial street intersection, I did take a look to see if there was a pattern to the three collisions. One involved an impaired driver. All three involved people who did not stop at the stop sign or yield right-of-way to traffic on Wallingford. So I looked at the stop signs and it appears both are fairly new, in good condition and visible to drivers as they approach the intersection. There are curb bulbs on Wallingford which should aid in visibility.

My personal theory, and I freely admit to having no factual basis to back this up, is that my neighborhood is serving as a parking lot for the many businesses and construction sites in lower Wallingford and on Stone Way. With the increased traffic this sort of thing is bound to happen. What do you think?

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