Green Lake Only A Little Scummy

We got this news release from Seattle Parks and Rec:

Green Lake algae scum found; water only harmful where scum is found

 Toxic algae has been found in accumulated scum along the shores of Green Lake; however the lake is not closed and remains open to most activities.

King County Department of Natural Resources … tests have revealed that the toxins are currently found in the scummy algae that accumulate in some places along the lakeshore.

People and pets should not wade or play in the lake where the scum has accumulated. Dog owners should be especially cautious not to allow animals to drink from the lake in these areas. If there is water contact for a pet, it is important to rinse well to remove all algae.

The lake remains open to fishing, boating, stand-up paddling boarding and other recreational activities. While Seattle Parks and Recreation’s lifeguarded beaches remain open. The last day of operation for East Green Lake Beach is August 24. The last day of operation for West Green Lake Beach is September 1.

A warm, dry summer has promoted the algae bloom, and continued warm weather continues to promote it. Blooms have been known to last into November in particularly warm autumns, and typically disappear as the weather gets colder.

The lake was closed in 1999, 2002, 2003, 2012 and most recently in fall 2013 for toxic algae blooms. Intense blooms of blue-green algae have occurred in Green Lake since 1916.

Treating the lake with alum inactivates the phosphorus that is released from the bottom sediments and prevents stimulation of the algae growth. Green Lake was successfully treated with alum in 1991 and 2004. The water quality improved for several years following treatment on both occasions, and has been mostly good since 2004.

Green Lake is home to cyanobacteria, also known as blue-green algae that are regularly present in small numbers. When nutrients are plentiful and the weather is warm, the conditions are right for an algae bloom to take place. Winds can concentrate the buoyant cyanobacteria into accumulations or scums along the shoreline, which may increase the amount of toxin that could be ingested by pets or people using the lake recreationally.

Symptoms of illness from liver toxin are flu-like and may include abdominal pain, diarrhea and vomiting.  If symptoms occur after ingesting lake water, park users should consult a health care professional immediately. Pets are at highest risk.

For more information on cyanobacteria, please visit Washington Department of Health toxic algae website.


(Photo of Green Lake by Alin Moni. Pretty sure that’s not the algae making all those beautiful colors.)

New Sponsor: Homestay Hosting

(Wallyhood is happy to welcome a new sponsor, American Homestay Network. Kathryn Courtney providing this introduction.)

The American Homestay Network places international students, study tour groups, and professional development program participants in American homestays, each one professionally managed to meet the highest standards for safety, support, and cultural exchange. Through our affiliation with the widely respected Australian Homestay Network, all our homestays are subject to strict quality and safety practices, including rigorous certification of homestay hosts. As a result, our American homestays provide international guests with a safe, hospitable environment that accelerates English language skills, opens doors to American culture, and contributes to a more tolerant world by bridging the cultural gap.

If you have a love for people, culture, and education – and you have a spare room in your house – hosting an international college or high school student in your home may be a fun and enriching way to generate extra income.

Fees are paid via direct deposit every 2 weeks and range between $400 and up to $1450 per month depending on location, age of student, and amenities. We offer training, full support for the duration of the stay, background checks, and a 24/7 emergency response line.

Homestays can be as short as a couple of weeks or as long as a couple of years.

Here is a sweet story from a current American Homestay Network host:

homestay“It is amazing how much we have learned in the months that I have had a student in our home,” said Priscilla. “It is perhaps true that we have learned more than she has during this time. As a retired teacher, she was my dream come true! She is studying in the field of Education as well. Doing homework together, listening to music, watching videos, and just talking have been avenues that we’ve explored in learning and sharing.”

“The years between us have melted away, for she is intuitive and talented. She taught me how to make homemade hummus and how to write my own name in two ways. I am still trying to perfect it as I flow from right to left.”

“Family and friends are very important as well. She has fit into our family and has taken us to be family as well. I’ve met many of her family members through the visual telephone. It is a goose bump experience to see beautiful people on the other side of the world, right in front of you, talking and smiling.” – Priscilla

Expand your family and supplement your savings. Apply now or read more at

CVS Update

It’s been quite a while since the whole hullaballoo over the the CVS going in to old Tully’s at the corner of Meridian and 45th Street.

So, how did that ever turn out?

Short story: CVS won, the project is continuing with a dreary design, scheduled completion date in mid-2015.

Slightly longer story: CVS started by presenting the Design Review Board with what was widely perceived as an ugly design, more befitting a suburban strip mall than our slightly crunchy, craftsman neighborhood. The board rejected the design, and when CVS returned with a second, slightly improved, but still dreary design, they rejected that as well.

CVS then took an end run around the board, resubmitting the second design as an “addition / renovation of an existing commercial building”, which is not subject to design review. Unburdened of pesky obstacles, the project is now scheduled to proceed as is.

Michael DeAngelis, a Director of Public Relations at CVS tells me “We hope to be under construction before the end of the year and open in the summer of 2015. We expect to be able to provide more detail later this fall.”

Queen Anne, we’re told, fared better. The Queen Anne Review writes:

CVS Final PlanWe’ve been lucky on Queen Anne. Thanks to active residents and community groups like the Uptown Alliance and Queen Anne Community Council, the plans for the Queen Anne CVS were sent back to the drawing board. In addition to general design principles, the Uptown Framework provided additional guidance to ultimately create a building that fits into the neighborhood – and is more than just a one-story, one-use building.

The current design bySchemata Workshop is a big departure from the first, standard cookie-cutter CVS Pharmacy design. Instead, the Queen Anne CVS building is proposed as a three-story structure with 16,200 square feet of commercial use at street-level and 31 residential units above the first floor. A 62 stall below-grade parking will be accessed from an alley on the west side of the building.

MaraNatha Nut Butter Recall

Apparently, QFC and PCC are alerting customers that there is a salmonella related recall of MaraNatha, Arrowhead and Kroger nut butters. See the list of affected products from QFC and PCC for more details.

Interesting that it’s three different brands, all affected at the same time. Tells ya something about the “global supply chain”.

(Thanks for the tip, Penny!)

Wallingford Project Idea? Need Funding?

TGRC-Grant-Guidelines-2013-2014-Friday-North_pdf__page_1_of_2_Have an idea for a wallingford community project that needs funding?

Our neighborhood was awarded $13,600 in grants from Waste Management by coming in first in recycling outreach activities for the 2013-14 Think Green Recycling Challenge.

The Wallingford Community Council is accepting applications for community projects for part or all of those funds. The deadline for submission of your ideas is September 19th. Grant requirements and instructions are on the WM Think Green Recycling Challenge grant guidelines.

Park Disturbance

My son and I were treated to a screaming, drunken argument between star-crossed lovers tonight at Wallingford Playfield. I’m not particularly worried about revealing secrets here, since they were shouted across the park, but the woman repeatedly shouted that she loved her husband, who obviously was not the potty mouthed gentleman she has been carrying on with.

I called the police, but after about 45 minutes, they hadn’t shown up, and it was time to go home. It’s the second time this summer I’ve had to call in a drunk and disorderly for that wooded area in the south east corner of that park, and the previous time the police hadn’t shown up by the time I left, either.

I’ve got email in to the SPD for more info on expected response times, but I wonder if anyone else has had similar experiences at that park?

Pixar in the Park

PixarflyerMark Kastner of the Calvary Wallingford church let us know that they’re putting on a Pixar in the Park movie event this coming Saturday, August 23rd at Wallingford Playfield:

We will be showing Finding Nemo. It should be lots of fun for the whole family. We suggest that attendees bring a blanket to sit on and snacks if they wish. The movie will promptly start at 8pm and will be over by 9:40pm.


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