There has been much speculation as to whether the Best Cigar Shop opening on 45th will stock actual cigars or bongs. Some astute readers noted, however, that Wallingford already has a head shop, Puffin’ Glass, located at 45th St and 4th Ave NE.

A head shop? In Wallingford? We decided to investigate (sans Baby Z, bien sur!)

BongsThis Sunday we popped our heads in and introduced ourselves, and, after a brief tense moment (“you’re not going to write anything negative, are you?”), they were friendly and helpful. The shop is owned by Jared and Amy Evans of Spokane, who own four other stores in addition to the Wallingford outlet (this is their first in Seattle). They are glassblowers themselves, producing some of the pieces sold in the store.

The merchandise seemed elaborate and varied, ranging from the simple chillum to complex battery powered vaporizer.

It is worth noting that everything they sold seemed designed for the growth, preparation and smoking of leafed plants. (Tobacco is the claim, obviously, but those dope farmers on 2nd Ave NE maybe didn’t get the memo.) Unlike Off the Wall, (the head shop previously located on the Ave), there were no powder-related containers or dispensers, no crack pipes and no whip-its.

Indeed, the most damning evidence against Puffin Glass comes from the single review appearing on Yelp, posted by Smoketuff Y:

Man oh man does this place have sick work! Kinda like piece of mind……a good selection but also like piece of mind WAY WAY WAY WAY over priced….also they will try to tell you they are the only guys in the city who can get illadelph and roor and all that other stuff thats way to expensive just cause it has a logo on it but they are full of BS and just want your cash…….advice for a sick piece without spending a ton…stick to the ave

Thank you, Mr. Y, for your sick review.

  1. Janey said,

    It would be ok with me if Mr. Y did stick to the Ave.

    Wed, March 25 at 8:49 pm
  2. Alan said,

    Totally, man!

    Thu, March 26 at 9:34 am
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