Huge Crowd Grabs Free Comic Books

Just a few blocks from the Tilth’s Edible Plant Sale, another great Wallingford annual tradition was drawing big (albeit different) crowds:  Free Comic Book Day at Comics Dungeon on 45th Street.

An employee there told me there was a huge line wrapping around the Free table from 10:40 to 12:30 and that it’s always their busiest day of the year, but this was even busier than last year.  By 1 PM most of the good stuff had been taken, but this little Boba Fett was still pretty satisfied.

A pile of free comic books and a well-stocked spring garden.  Could life around here in May be any sweeter?

  • Janey

    Well, I missed the boat on this one.  I stopped at Rancho Bravo for a torta on Saturday, and couldn’t help noticing that Darth Vader and quite a few other characters were hanging out in front of Comic Dungeon.  Just another day in Wallingford, I figured!

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