What in the Wallingford

Who knew this one would be such a puzzler! Several weeks ago, we posted the photo on the right, asking for readers to ID where in Wallingford it was taken. After two weeks, we had received zero correct answers. Really? Is it just because we pass it every day that we thought it would be obvious?


The sculpture is in the front yard of 4061 4th Ave NE, just across from the John Stanford School (and our immediate neighbor), and is the work of John Zucker. Days find him leading the scene shop at Seattle Rep, but he manages to eke out some time to create the fanciful creations that peer from amidst his jungle-like front lawn, as well.

We did eventually have one correct answer, from Christina. She’ll receive two bottles of ‘Original Medicine’  Women’s Multi-Nutrient whole vegetarian raw food supplement compliments of Lesli Dalaba and Wallyhood sponsor Treetop Acupuncture (a $50 value!). Lesli is, not coincidentally, John’s partner and, up until recently, a member of the now retired Yellow Hat Band along with John. Thank you Lesli, and congratulations Christina!

If we promise not to take as long to post the answer for this next one, will you take a guess? Fill out the form below if you know where in Wallingford this was taken for a chance to win a fabulous prize from one of our fine sponsors:


We’ll give you a hint, too: when you see it, it won’t be against the background it’s in in this photo, it will be easily visible from a public street.

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What in the Wallingford is it?


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