Gypsy Cafe Closing as of September 29th

The Gypsy Cafe on Stone Way is so….Wallingford. It’s chill, eclectic, comfy, and full of comforting coffee smells and good music. But it’s going away as of next week, and that makes us Wallyhoodians very sad indeed. A quick conversation with Rachel, the lovely barista on the clock this foggy Friday morning, told us that local snowboard and ski and all-around cool company Evo bought the building and is planning a remodel. No concrete information yet on what will be housed in the new space, though there are whispers of a new cafe and a bike repair shop. I’m hoping for a crossbreed of the two with space for live music, maybe a ball pit?

Anyhow, although we welcome friendly new business ventures to our expanding little village, the departing of the Gypsy Cafe is a true bummer. Stop in and say hello this week. Tell them you love them. Bid them good luck. And always tip your barista.


  1. Stephen said,

    The Gypsy Cafe, at times, was “my office”, where I got a lot of my freelance work done. I am so sad to hear the news about the Gypsy Cafe closing. The name of the cafe fits for those of you who have never been. Just as the life of a Gypsy is filled with soul and living in the moment, so is the Gypsy Cafe. It is a place people can hang out, be themselves, and express their musical creativity. The barista’s are very kind and generous—giving a person coffee when they have no money, and letting people who have no other place to go, stay as long as they need to. Once again, the people with the money, have the last word.

    Fri, September 21 at 1:07 pm
  2. Beth C said,

    I’m one of the band members of Rabbit Stew String Band. For the past 2 years, we’ve enjoyed hosting monthly square dances at the Gypsy. We love this place! Tonight is our last dance in this great space. Come out and hear some lively old time music, dance if you’d like, and help us toast the wandering ways of the Gypsy. It’s an all-ages venue. They Gypsy has plenty of seating, a beat up wood floor made for dancing, and full cafe service throughout the night. No dancing experience necessary – all dances are expertly taught. You’ll have a great time! Bonus: you can view fabulous new art from Rachel Lefron Godbe, a young, local artist who has grown up in the neighborhood. Check it out!

    Dancing from 8pm to 11pm.
    $5 at the door, 18 and under always free
    3510 Stone Way North, Seattle

    At the end of the night tonight, we’ll roll up the carpets, roll up the big garage door, and stack the furniture in the corner one last time before the Gypsy Cafe closes its doors. Please join us and enjoy this great venue before it’s gone. All ages welcome

    Fri, September 21 at 4:28 pm
  3. Susan G said,

    I totally agree that the Gypsy Cafe is/was “Totally Wallingford.” Sad to see it go. And I thought EVO was going into the “Fremont Collective.” Wait a minute…..

    Fri, September 21 at 6:12 pm
  4. protected static said,

    @Susan G: EVO is moving there. My first thought was that the restaurant space they wanted to include in the Collective wasn’t working out to where they could house two restaurants.

    Sat, September 22 at 11:35 am
  5. eeeee said,

    advance notice would have been nice

    Sat, September 22 at 4:56 pm
  6. Susan G said,

    @protected static — thanks for the info. The point I was trying to make (unsuccessfully as it turns out) was HOW can the “Fremont” Collective be called that when they are so obviously in Wallingford?!

    Sun, September 23 at 5:28 pm
  7. impliedobserver said,

    Devastating but you could tell it was coming. Where would they fit in with places like Evo and Brooks? I’m crushed.

    Sun, September 23 at 5:53 pm
  8. Andrew said,

    Gypsy was such an awesome place. sad to see it go. Let us know if the reopen in another location!

    Sun, September 23 at 11:47 pm
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