More Solar Opportunities in the ‘Hood

Our recent article on solar in Wallingford prompted Greg to write in, alerting us to the SolarizeNW project which is looking for Wallingford residents who want to solarize their homes, and also for a volunteer to serve as a liaison between Wallingford and SolarizeNW. Solarize NW is holding a meeting this Wednesday, November 7th, for interested folks, though you are welcome to participate even if you can’t make the meeting. Greg said:

Just a heads up that SolarizeNW is looking for a volunteer from Wallingford to help out with representing interested Wallingford households to participate in the next round of Solarize Seattle projects. NW SEED helps run the project which, in brief, provides free workshops, helps with site analysis, and those interested can join a group of like-minded households to pool resources in seeking bids from local solar contractors and hopefully realize a group discount.

NW SEED has already run projects in Magnolia and NE Seattle. There is competition to be selected by SEED and Solarize NW was selected. Neighborhoods participating already include Phinney Ridge, Greenwood, Greenlake, and Wallingford (zip codes 98103, 98107, 98117, 98133, and 98177). The goal is to get bids and installation going to be complete before the sales tax waiver expires in June 2013. They hope to install solar on 150 homes in NW Seattle.

There is a one-hour informational meeting this Wednesday, November 7th in Room 6 at the Phinney Neighborhood Center, 6523 Phinney Ave N at 6PM. There will be a smaller meeting immediately following for those interested in serving on the committee to help select the contractor for the project.

If you are interested in helping organize the participation of Wallingford homes, or interested in participating in the project you can contact Bill Thorness at Solarize NW at [email protected].

Bill would be very happy to hear from Wallingford folks, particularly if you can serve as liaison. Duties are not anticipated to be particularly time-consuming because NW SEED (and Bill) handles most of the process. They are a great group of people and NW SEED has achieved great success with prior projects. However, I believe that their grant may be expiring and this may be their last project in Seattle.

If you’ve been contemplating solar on your home, make the most of this one-hour meeting and learn how you can join the fun (and maybe bring the neighborhood along with you)!

  1. Bill said,

    Thanks for posting this information! I’d like to add a couple of things:

    – Tonight’s meeting is for volunteer orientation. Come and help!
    – Public meetings will start in January.
    – To get on the list to stay informed, fill out the brief “Bring Solarize to me” form at

    NW SEED has run 3 campaigns in Seattle: Queen Anne, Magnolia and NE Seattle, and some outside the city. This current funding from Seattle City Light will cover two campaigns, of which NW Seattle is the first.

    We intend to add solar to 150 homes in NW Seattle. Hope you can join us.

    Wed, November 7 at 9:47 am
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