Thanksgiving Questions

It’s a sneaky Thanksgiving this year: the fourth Thursday in the month, as always, but not the last Thursday in the month. It crept right up on us! So much so that we haven’t done our homework and so we turn to you, Wallingford, to do your homework for us. We promise to share the answers with all.

So, we have two questions for you, Wallingford:

  • What’s your recommendation for the best place to spend it, should you wish to spend it outside of your own home? Is there a restaurant you’ve enjoyed, or other option?
  • We know the local churches and other social service organizations often provide Thanksgiving meals for the homeless or otherwise wanting of holiday warmth. What’s going on, and are there volunteer opportunities?

Please let us know in the comments here or in email to [email protected] and we’ll post a round-up of responses in time for the holidays.

Which are this week!

  • koko

    Right off the bat the parking lot in QFC and PCC were a nightmare today!

    I have attended some beautiful yoga donation to charity events on mornings of Thanksgiving in our area. Coming back from a family members home I have passed 45th and seen many walking and lights on in several bars.

  • Mark Woodward

    Seattle First Church/Mosaic is having a big thanksgiving meal on November 18 11:00 am. Come by and help serve. Also warm clothing being distributed. Located behind Dicks. We serve over 300 people of need.

  • koko

    thank you Mark so much

  • Judy

    Any suggestions for restaurants open on Thanksgiving, not for traditional turkey?

  • Margaret

    Judy, Last year, Chutney’s was open on Thanksgiving, offering both turkey and their regular menu items.

  • Ffej

    We’ve had Thanksgiving dinner several times at Cafe Flora, the vegetarian restaurant in the Madison district (just the other side of the arboretum.)

    They have a prix fixe menu on Thanksgiving, and the food has always ranged from excellent to amazing. (We’re not vegetarians — we go out and buy turkey the day after from PCC — but I have never regretted missing the traditional Thanksgiving fare after a Cafe Flora dinner.)

    However, they take reservations for the event, and I suspect by now they’re booked.

  • Jake

    The Nickerson Street Saloon is hosting a Thanksgiving meal for our FamilyWorks Food Bank customers (awesome!), but I’m afraid they have all the volunteers that they need. You could call 211 to see if there are any events on Thanksgiving, and remember that hunger is year around. Many thanks to ALL for your contributions.

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