Last month, Ken spotted a new restaurant, Chabela’s going in where Casa Azul (and previously Serena’s Guadalajara) stood on 45th Street. Today, he’s got an update:

An update to my previous message about the new Chabela’s Bar & Grill. Signs posted in their storefront windows advertising that they’re hiring have an interesting component: a logo. And by ‘interesting’, I mean unimaginative and possibly trademark/copyright infringement. Take a look at my photo of their window posting attached, and then take a look at the Cabela’s logo on their website

Now I’m no attorney, but I can’t believe that the owners haven’t been advised against such blatant copying. This may not end well.

That’s Chabela’s on the left, Cabela’s on the right. At least they didn’t choose Comic Sans!

Chabelas_BG cabelas

  • yumyum

    The answer is that because one person saw a strong resemblance between a new business logo and an existing business’s loge.. that we have badly panned a new business coming to the area. We have or may have caused problems for the new business and/or ourselves due to some comments.

    I would so appreciate the owner of Wallyhood removing the entire conjectured and potentially damaging article and thread.

  • Kris

    I don’t think this thread should be removed. Do you think you might be overestimating the power of our 51 comments on a neighborhood blog? Most of the comments I didn’t think were negative.

    We will definitely try out the new restaurant and would love to support another neighborhood business. Hope everything works out for them.

  • WoofWoof

    @Yumyum – are you suggesting that Wallyhood is obligated to “happy stamp” every issue that comes up? That we can’t cry “Fie” on a stinking fish?

    “Happy stamp” Chabela’s.

    “Happy Stamp” Skanska’s Stone34 project,

    “Happy Stamp” the developers who build abominations on fractional plots

    … or do you just mean that we should all agree with *YOU*?

    I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that.

    Tell miaomiao I said “woof”.

    [All content © Woof Woof, 2013]

  • yani

    Words out there’s a rif in Wallyhood:

    I’m guessing Chabela’s isn’t too savvy, as copyright infringement is a big risk a little company shouldn’t ought to take on. As a long time graphic artist, they are definitely infringing. Imagine how McDonalds would react if you tried to use their M, but added little serif feet to it to make it “different”.

  • Breadbaker

    : Look… me and the McDonald’s people got this little misunderstanding. See, they’re McDonald’s… I’m McDowell’s. They got the Golden Arches, mine is the Golden Arcs. They got the Big Mac, I got the Big Mick. We both got two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles and onions, but their buns have sesame seeds. My buns have no seeds.

  • Rickvid

    Lots of great publicity for Chabela’s!

  • yumyum

    Have they opened yet/

  • yuckyuck

    Why don’t you go find out instead of asking here?

  • igloo

    wow, acidity..

  • Michael H.

    Hey, this thread was featured in the Stranger’s blog!

  • Damien

    I came here to be a part of something big and important. And now I’ve made it.

  • expat

    There’s a lot going on here.

    First, accusing the new restaurant of intentional copyright infringement is harsh, and potentially libelous (as long as we are throwing around legal accusations). We really do not know if it was intentional, but moreover, WHY WOULD IT BE? Seriously, why would a bar & grill want to confuse their brand with a outdoor rec store? People seem to be saying that the restaurant would benefit from this alleged infringement, but in what way? Are people going to confuse a restaurant with a store that sells canoes? Is Cabela’s even that well known? We are not talking about Starbucks or Safeway or REI. I personally had never heard of it, and after looking it up, I see that there are not even any Cabela’s in Seattle (the closest one is either in Tulalip or Lacey). I cannot see any reason why this owner would think, “Hmm, I want people to come to my restaurant, so I am going to try and get people to confuse it with some random ass sporting goods store. That’s the ticket.” It is irrational.

    Second, yellow cursive font is not exactly an extraordinarily creative logo for any business. The two logos use *similar* fonts, but not the exact same one. It is entirely possible that two separate businesses came up with similar logos completely independently of each other. Hell, just now looking in word, I found several default fonts that are pretty close to Cabela’s. Just make it yellow and turn on a shadow. Done.

    Finally, copyright does not have to be intentional in order to be actionable. It could very well be that Chabela’s logo is too close to Cabela’s logo, that that the latter will sue the former. However, and this is a big however, that does not mean that Chabela’s has been acting with evil intent when establishing this restaurant. It is also not necessary for Wallingford to enforce the copyright for Cabela’s; the business is totally capable of doing so on its own. The sporting goods store is not going to be harmed by this, and the restaurant will not make some huge windfall off of its signs. Let’s put the pitchforks down, welcome a new business to our neighborhood, and let the parties figure this shit out for themselves.

    tl;dr – all you all need to calm the f— down.

  • yumyum

    A voice of reason..
    want to go out for tacos some day?

  • ScrawnyKayaker

    @39 Better marketing to call the bank StaBucks, not Charbucks. I’d rather have my money STAy someplace STAble than be burned.

  • Google Alerts

    It is interesting how if you work for a company you set up Google Alerts for the companies name. No need to call the Corporate office.

    Funny Stuff

  • agala

    sue this blogger and the audacious aspersions

  • agala

    sue this blogger and the audacious aspersions

  • neighbor

    drove by and it looks like it might be tex mex. a neon sign inside looked similar to one that used to be at a chain called chevys.

  • iowagirl

    I think they had a soft opening last night, that is what the sign said. I stopped in to say hello, the staff and people were very, very nice! I wished them well.

  • agala

    drove by.. nice looking sign, lit up inside.. I’ll be in soon.

  • yuckyuck

    Haven’t you posted multiple times that you fear that you will run out of money and end up panhandling in front of QFC? Maybe you should save your pennies?

  • SeattleAlan

    Ah, like McDowells in “Coming to America”. All in all, way too many comments about a stupid businessman who must live in a bubble to not see the similarity in the lettering, etc. Why he/she would do it is beyond understanding.

  • eeyow

    I am so disappointed in the vicious mean words people choose to throw around on here. I understand the mod chooses to let it fly, but I want to say, some of you are seriously contorted in your thinking and need to cause and throw trouble.

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