Islands of Seattle

Here’s a bit of fun for you (or horror, depending on your sense of detachment from crisis): Jeffrey Lin has created a map of Seattle as it will appear should the “worst case scenario” of rising sea levels due to global warming, 240′,  come true.

Early versions lacked fair representation for (the remnants of) our neighborhood, so he went back and updated it to include Wallingford Point and the Cape of Fremont.

Islands of Seattle

In Jeffrey’s vision, “the islands will be inhabited by pirates–tribes of Queen Ann islanders and Capitol Hill islanders living in shaky détente, with occasional forays on each others’ territories. The tribes of the Archipelago of Bainbridge or the Kirkland Peninsula will make weekend raids into the Seattle Archipelago, despoiling these fair island villages. So really, nothing much will have changed.”

I, for one, will appreciate a water barrier between Wallingford and those seeking to buy malt liquor on 50th Street, as well as canal access freeing up 45th Street from Ballard commuters.

See the whole story on the Islands of Seattle web site.


  1. Cordy said,

    There will be lots more shoreline for houseboats!

    Fri, February 21 at 1:35 am
  2. seattlealan2 . said,

    Cool. I’ll build a dock off the back of our lot on Latona (4700 block)! Fishing for dinner!

    Fri, February 21 at 9:40 am
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