Wallyhood is the Wallingford, Seattle neighborhood blog. Our goal is to foster community and communication between Wallingford residents by creating a voice and storyline for residents to follow and to participate in. We cover local personalities, events, daily life…anything  and everything relevant to our neighbors.

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Jordan and MichelleSpoonin'

Wallyhood was founded in January of 2009 by Jordan Schwartz. In the early, chilly days of 1993, Jordan Schwartz and his black and white cat Fourth moved to the same little house in Wallingford they share today with his wife, Michelle, son, Zevin and bees, numerous and unnamed. Days find him working on Pathable, a social networking service for conferences and events, which he co-founded with his friends Peter and Shelly.

If you see a story with the “Wallyhood” byline, that’s Jordan. It’s unclear why he continues to use the first person plural in all his stories. No less puzzling is the fact that he is writing this bio in the third person.

Since then, he’s been joined by growing cadre of contributing writers, all members of the Wallingford community, including:

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