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Bethany Bear Preschool
Bethany Bear Preschool Web Site 2410 North 46th St in the Elim Baptist Church Education Building Preschool program from 9:30am-12:30pm 2,3, or 5 days a week for ages 3 to 5. Pre-k only afternoon program from 1-4pm Monday through Thursday. Classes running from September through mid-June with enrollment starting in December. An independent, non-profit Christian preschool. Learning is based on a theme of the week. All aspects of the child’s day will be built around the theme. By focusing on this theme across a broad range of activities, kids of all learning styles are able to grasp the concept. Some examples of themes are Africa, Pumpkins & Apples, and Women of the Bible. Themes vary yearly so kids always experience new ideas. There is also a letter of the week promoting letter identification. A typical schedule would start with Learning Center offering five or six activities and games for the children to choose from based on the current theme. This includes a reading corner where the kids can work on their ‘story book’ by dictating to their teacher. Next is Circle Time which includes music and concepts connected to the theme. The art time offers the kids different choices also based on the theme and is focused on the process not the end product. Snack is served family style and provided in rotation by the parents. Outside play (or inside if inclement weather) usually has options based on the theme along with plenty of spontaneous play. The end of the day is for ‘Workjobs’ these are pre-math and pre-reading skill games the children can do individually or with help from the teacher. Field trips are taken about once a month and are also theme related. Some previous trips have been to Theo Chocolate, a pumpkin farm, and the Museum of Flight. The school has classrooms for each age group with a maximum ratio of 10:1. The school prides itself on its close knit and long term teaching staff which offers a stable and coherent foundation to the children. Parents of Pre-k children are provided with individualized information on the preparations their child needs for Kindergarten. In their own words, “learn to love, love to learn. We emphasize kindness, love, caring and friendship with one another, while helping the children prepare academically for kindergarten.”
Cometa Playschool
Cometa Playschool (4106 Stone Way N) is a Spanish Language school that just opened its new Wallingford location. After much success serving the West Seattle community we are excited to offer our classes in the Wallingford neighborhood. Our program is designed to inspire children to learn Spanish through play, music, artistic expression and more! Our innovative curriculum encompasses early learning and second language acquisition in a fun, stimulating environment. We have created a beautiful space for children to learn about themselves, their community and the world we live in. We offer toddler, preschool and school age Spanish classes.
Fremont Community School
Fremont Community School Web Site 3530 Interlake Ave N Preschool program from 9am-1pm, 1 to 5 days a week for ages 2.5 to 5 years. Care is available as early as 8am. Class runs September through May. Afternoon Care (1pm-5pm) is available for kids NOT attending the preschool session. For kids attending the preschool session afternoon care is available next door at the sister school Tara’s Tots (See Below) Summer program is available. Oliver and friends (1)A Waldorf inspired non-profit preschool which provides an explorative play-based education system that emphasizes the emotional and physical development of children. By learning about themselves, their environment, and their social interactions, the children develop their own joy and love for learning. The school has the feeling of home including an expansive outdoor play area. Play and work come together as children garden, take care of the school’s pig, Oliver, the rabbit, Cinnamon, and the chickens.  The children collect eggs each morning and help prepare organic snacks and lunches. Kids are taught to be aware of what they are eating and where it comes from. Teachers work along side the children building social skills and taking advantage of teachable moments. Creative expression is encouraged with art supplies, puppets, and a heap of dress-up clothes. The school is lead by two teachers and two assistant with a ratio of about 1:7.5. The day begins with free play inside or outside (even in the rain kids are outfitted with a full complement of child sized rain gear). Included in this time are arts and crafts. Reuse is taught as kids turn old sweaters into sewing projects. After that the kids come together for snack and story time, either in English or Spanish. More outdoor play follows, then circle time with song and movement reflecting seasons and themes. Lunch, which is provided by the school, ends the morning program. The afternoon drop-in program is open to all except children attending the morning program and runs from 1pm through 5pm. Children use the same facilities in a less structured format. As mentioned before, for parents in need of full day care, children in the morning program can be walked next door to the sister school, Tara’s Tots, for the afternoon. The school also hosts seasonal festivals and summer art camps along with an end of year camping trip.
Tara’s Tots
3534 Interlake Ave. N Preschool program from 9am-1pm 2 to 5 days a week for ages 2.5 to 5 years. Care is available as early as 7am Drop-In Afternoon Care (1pm-5pm) available for kids NOT attending the preschool session. For kids attending the preschool session, afternoon care is available next door at the sister school Fremont Community School. Class runs September through the first week of June. Summer program is available on either a prepay or drop-in basis.This is basically a smaller facility that offers a very similar environment to the Fremont Community School (FCS). They like to think of themselves as, “two schools, one community”. One teacher and 3 assistants make up the staff. This different staff and facility set it apart from FCS. It offers more traditional toys then FCS and also a more intimate play space. They have a school rabbit of their own who goes by Prince Mushkin, along with a fairy garden for imagination play and a ‘seasonal table’ decorated accordingly.As with FCS, children who attend the morning program at Tara’s Tots can go next door to FCS for the afternoon.Tara’s Tots also offers extensive holiday care as an added bonus.
Global Garden International Preschool
Global Garden International Preschool Web Site 4001 9th Avenue NE Toddler program from 9:30am-1:30pm Thursday and Friday for ages 16mo. to 2.5 years. Preschool program from 9am-1pm Monday to Thursday for ages 2.5 to 5 years Class run September to June with a special July Summer Session A Reggio inspired international school with many children from across the world. Boasting both Japanese and Spanish native speaking teachers. All programs are in English but the children are exposed to a wealth of global culture. The children also take part in Brain Gym movements about 1 hour a week. This is designed to help build neural pathways through movement. The school has two outdoor play spaces, one with a climbing frame. Inside they have two large classrooms/playrooms, one with a piano. Organic snacks are served family style. The teachers are also committed to Non-Violet Communication through the philosophies of the Center for Non-Violent Communication. Starting the day with choice time, the children are able to choose their own learning opportunities through their environment. Morning circle time usually involves a Japanese song, while closing circle time focuses on a Spanish story or song. Journal time is set aside for the kids to record their own lives and stories. More choice time and outside play round out the day. The Toddler class has a ratio of 1:3 and the Preschool is 1:5. The teaching staff all are certified teachers and have at least a Bachelors Degree in Education. The school has been running for 9 years and is one of the only international preschools in Seattle. They recommend parents inquire 6 to 8 months before schooling is needed. Due to the nature of the school, there is open enrollments year round as children come and go. They offer scholarships and a sliding scale. They also hold a summer school session in July with the same philosophies.
Interlake Child Care & Learning Center
Interlake Child Care & Learning Center Web Site 4927 Green Lake Way North Offer full day care for ages 2mo. to 5 years. Separate Infant, Toddler and Preschool programs. Year round day care center A non-profit center founded in 1982, it recently received its NAEYC accreditation. They like to think of themselves as an eclectic group that grow and have fun together. They also take parent involvement very seriously and focus on developing an extended family. This is a full day, year round, child care center for all ages up to 5 years. Generally broken up into three groups, infants, toddlers and preschoolers. Each group has there own outdoor play space and special schedule. The infant room with a ratio of 1:3 and is focused on being an extension of home care. Teachers work closely with parents to follow the natural routines of the child. Infants are taken outside for fresh air twice a day, weather permitting, and can feed and nap when they need to. They are also exposed to sign language to help broaden their communication skills. Toddlers and Waddlers, as they like to call the older ones, are given plenty of free play time along with circle time, small groups, and music. They are provided a morning and two afternoon snacks along with lunch. As much as possible, food at the center is organic, including organic milk. It is also fully vegetarian. Morning and afternoon outdoor play along with nap time fills out their day. This age group has teacher ratio of about 1:4. The preschoolers start the day with table play that is focused on sense development and communication. They also have their own circle time and snacks. During the ‘school year’ they work on language arts small group activities. During the summer this time is spent doing mixed age team building activities. Morning outdoor play, lunch and story time are prior to nap time. After waking up the kids have another snack then more outdoor play and a closing circle time. They offer special Dance and Spanish time, along with a science porch for experiments and demonstrations. The teachers, at a ratio of about 1:8, strive to meet each child where they are and provide an experiential based curriculum. A tour of the facility is required before being put on the wait list. The center enrolls throughout the year with August and September being the busiest. They recommend planning as far ahead as possible for care going so far as jokingly saying, “if you are even thinking about having a baby you should be planning.”
St. Benedict School
St. Benedict School 4811 Wallingford Ave N Preschool and Pre-K program from 8:30am-Noon for ages 3 to 5 years Kids Club full or half day care available for ages 3-5 Classes follow regular school calendar A non-profit Catholic school educating from preschool to eighth grade. The program serves ages 3-5 years. This is split into a preschool, ages 3 to early 4, and a pre-k, for the 4’s and 5’s. With a faith foundation an emphasis is put on friendship, respect, and positive social skills. The preschoolers have a ratio of about 1:8 while the pre-k is about 1:10. Kids learn through month long units. The preschoolers are currently learning about hibernation and animals. The Pre-k class is focusing on love and heart for February. The program is readiness focused, with reading encouraged for those children that are ready but by no means forced or required. The preschoolers are given access to all the resources of the school such as the auditorium, library, and art classroom. They are part of the St. Benedict’s family which makes transitioning to Kindergarten much easier. The day starts with circle time, sharing prayer, calendar, for pre-math skills, weather and a story. Then on to skill building activities for math, language, and science. Outdoor play and snack bring them up to music, PE, or all school Mass, depending on the day. The end of the morning program is free choice activities such as dramatic play, art, sensory table, and science exploration. They close with circle time to review the day. After the morning program children are either picked-up or are taken to the on campus Kids Club. This is an afternoon daycare that runs until 4 for families needing full day care. They offer very flexible enrollment options but it is not a drop-in program.
Wallingford Child Care Center
Wallingford Child Care Center 2115 N 42nd in the United Methodist Church Offer full day care for ages 2mo. to 5 years. Separate Infant, Toddler and Preschool programs. Year round day care. A 42 year institution of Wallingford. Established by the United Methodist Church, however it maintains a non-religious curriculum. Many kids attend from infancy up to kindergarten. The school has very low turnover rate. They think of themselves as a community center more then a day care. Parent involvement is very high from the Board of Directors down to the playground construction team. Teachers keep parents up to date with their kids via a constantly updated photo gallery along the hallways of the school. Starting in the Cloud Room, with a ratio of 1:3, the infants have their own world to explore including a play deck overlooking the big kids playground. They have a direct phone line so parents can keep as in touch as necessary. The Cloud Room is also used as a teaching tool and ‘calm zone’ for the older kids who get to make short visits. Moving up into the Sunshine Room with a ratio of 1:4, this kids are starting to learn to play together and the emphasis is on building social skills. Ages 2 to 3 and a half years mature into the Rainbow Room. They graduate once they master potty training. With a ratio of 1:5, these pre-preschool kids are also developing social and learning skills to prepare them for a larger classroom experience. Once they are ready, kids move into the Star Room for an emergent play-centered curriculum. This means all learning is done through play. In their own words, “The curriculum is not in a book, it’s in the child”. The preschoolers are kept at a ratio of 2:15 and start the day with free play and then on to circle time to introduce the activities for the day. These activities are based on the calendar of seasonal themes. Kids can also use this time for art projects. Next the kids are out the door to the recently renovated playground, designed and built by parents who just happen to be urban planners and landscape designers. After they work up an appetite it’s lunch time. All four meals of the day, breakfast, two snacks, and lunch, are prepared by the on-site cook Brent and are provided for all ages. He accommodates all allergies and any special needs and has been known to overshadow ‘mom’s cooking’. Nap time, more outside play and indoor activities finish up the day. To enrich the children more special movement, music and Japanese classes are held once a week. The final step for children is to the Rocket program. This is the pre-k program for the older 4’s and 5’s with a ratio of 1:9. They follow a similar schedule to the preschoolers but with more in-depth work tasks and they also have Japanese, music and movement twice a week. With a tight knit community and low turn over rate the school maintains a lengthy wait list. They recommend inquiring as soon as you have a due date, or earlier if you are planning. They have year round enrollment.
Wallingford CO-OP Preschool
Wallingford CO-OP Preschool 5019 Keystone Pl N Toddler program 9:30-11:30am Monday and Wednesday for ages 2 to3 years. Preschool program 9:15-11:45am Tuesday, Thursday, Friday for ages 3 to 5 years. Pre-K program 12:45-3:45pm Monday to Thursday for ages 4 to 5 years Classes follow Seattle public school calendar The perfect program for those ‘hands-on’ parents. This is a unique program offered through North Seattle Community College. Parent involvement is not simply encouraged, it is required. The program works with one teacher who orchestras the class, then anywhere from 6-10 parents work directly with the kids. The head teacher at Wallingford Co-op holds a Masters in Early Childhood Education and has been teacher here since 2005. The teach philosophy is based on the developmental interaction approach, which views children’s cognitive development as dependent on their emotional, social and physical development. Parents can receive credit for their work at the school. Responsibilities include working one morning per week in the school, attending one evening meeting a month for parent education, and providing snacks on a rotating schedule. The parent involvement helps keep the costs lower then traditional programs. It also inherently breeds community building and parent connections as parents work side by side helping each other help their kids. Each day starts with “Meeting” where children can share news, concerns, and ideas. The teacher uses elements of the Second Step program to support social-emotional understanding and problem solving skills. Free play is next with the kids able to enjoy art and stories along with general play. Class books and child created books help promote literacy. Math and science foundation are developed through manipulatives, counting and sorting, blocks, and planting. The children then transition into Small Group time which focuses on games to develop communication, literacy, and social interaction. Then snack time and outdoor play. Class is closed with a Music and Movement Circle along with a story.
The Exploration Academy
The Exploration Academy 1815 N. 45th Street, Suite 102

Full Day: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm

An early drop-off option offered at 8:00 am serving breakfast for an additional charge – depending on space availability.The Exploration Academy operates and enrolls year-round; providing early education and care for children ages 1 through 5 years old.Our curriculum is based on a combination of the Development Interaction Approach (DIA) and the Project Approach to Learning. The Developmental Interaction Approach is based on the belief that children are active learners, explorers, experimenters, and artists. The program takes into account that children learn at different rates and in different ways. We believe learning should encompass several subjects at once and occur in collaborative groups. Students spend most of their time participating in hands-on activities, play, dialogue and discussions. The curriculum is based on the idea that if children can explore, study, and learn about the human world, they can make sense of what they encounter. In order to facilitate experiential learning, we focus on: social emotional development, dramatic play, art, science, literacy, math concepts, and geography. Projects have complex yet flexible frameworks within which teaching and learning are seen as interactive processes.

The day begins with art projects and free choice, followed by circle time, which may include the calendar, weather, morning songs, news, group chat, theme discussion, letter and number of the week, a sharing pouch, and story time. Children in the program participate in music and movement classes, foreign language classes, and cooking lab. The day also includes “work choice” (including project work, tech lab, reading loft, self-directed and instructed lessons, and craft making), and a minimum of an hour of unrestricted gross motor activities – rain or shine. Children are served lunch and up to three snacks daily, with an emphasis on healthful and organic foods.

Enrollment is open year round depending on space availability.

Evergreen Chinese School
Evergreen Chinese School 4401 2nd Ave NE in Seattle First Church of the Nazarene Program every Saturday from 9am to Noon for ages 3.5 to 5 Fun activities, including Chinese songs, games, story-telling, and arts and crafts. Mandarin phonetic system (Zhuyin Fuhao) and the Hanyu Pinyin Romanization system. teacher experienced in early childhood education. Besides teaching heritage students, the school includes Chinese language classes for non-native speakers Classes also available for all ages

Free Placement Service Child Care Resources This non-profit organization will provide specific placement recommendations based on your location, schedule, and budget for the whole of King County. Phone: (206) 329-5544 E-mail: [email protected] Declined Providing Information: Small Planet Montessori @ 2122 N 53rd Street Paisley Garden Learn & Grow @ 1821 North 50th St