Metro is on SNOW ROUTES Monday am

Metro announced Sunday night that all Metro buses will be on Snow Routes for the Monday morning commute.  Even if the streets are dry.

And some snow routes have  been changed since last year.  I took a look at some Wallingford routes and found the following:

  • #26 southbound will turn right on 45th, then left on Stone Way, back to regular route at Stone Way & 35th.  So it looks like anyone commuting from Lower Wallingford to downtown on the #26 will need to hoof it over to Stone Way, or up to 45th.  Same reroutes northbound.
  • #30 & 31 will take a small detour to avoid going downhill at the intersection of 40th & Stone Way, but the snow route seems to allow pickups at all regular stops except between Wallingford Ave & Stone Way.
  • #44, no change in Wallingford
  • #16, some changes between 80th & 45th, making stops a bit more west than usual.  If you ride the 16, check out the snow route published by Metro.

To check your snow route, go to Metro’s timetable page here, enter your route number, and click on “Route Map and Snow Route.”

From Metro’s statement, found in full here:

The following service revisions take effect with the start of service Monday morning, November 22. Due to the potential for snow during the morning commute, King County Metro Transit will start service on Monday with buses in all areas on snow routing.  Bus riders should check for the most current status of Metro service before traveling on Monday. Updates to the online information will begin at 4 a.m.

When buses are on snow routing, some streets and bus stops may be missed and there are often delays due to travel conditions. There is new snow routing in many areas that is different from past years, so be sure to check the snow routes for all the routes you use most often.

Safe travels everybody!  For comic relief, I give you Pemco’s “First Snowflake Freakout Lady” radio spot here.

P.S.  Everything here is subject to change.   Check Metro’s website before traveling.

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