What in the Wallingford

It looks like we’ve finally hit the appropriate level of stumpiness in this contest. There were many guesses where we took this photo, but only a very few correct ones.

In fact, the photo taken was in the small pocket park nestled just to the west of Ivar’s on the water front. It’s an adorable little park flecked with bits of history and nostalgia: photos of yore (such as the one pictured) embedded in rocks, bricks with words from Seattle’s earliest history and whimsical, lilting path. Unfortunately, that path ends at a drecky little beach filled with the flotsam and detritus of careless boaters: styrofoam pellets, plastic cups and an oily sheen. Still, it’s a great place to grab a bit of peace during a roilsome day.

On the left, the contest photo. On the right, a view from the park, with the contest photo nestled in towards the bottom left. Congratulations to Molly, selected at random from those submitting the correct answer. She’ll have her choice of a t-shirt from Murphy’s Irish Pub, a gift card from Smash Wine Bar and Bistro or half off cleaning from Green Cleaning Seattle.

For this week’s contest, we turn our eyes heavenward.

And this week’s prize is a a gift pack of Rowdy Roja Salsa: a jar of mild, medium and hot salsa and a glass salsa dish mailed to the winner’s home. Rowdy Roja is co-owned by Wallingford’s Jimmy Anderson (winner of last week’s WitW contest) and was developed and tested in kitchens and bars for years right here in Wallingford. Hot!

To enter, guess what and where in Wallingford this photo was taken in the form below. If you’re reading in e-mail or on the P-I, please click through to the web site to enter.

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What in the Wallingford is it?

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