Nope, The Publican isn’t closing, folks. Can I get a collective “Pheeeeewwwww!” We just heard that due to some pesky legal issues involving The Publican in Chicago, The Publican in Tangletown (2253 N. 56th St.) has changed its name to The Burgundian Tavern. Last week, owner Matt Bonney told Seattle Met the reason he chose “Burgundian”:

The region between present-day Belgium and France long ago ‘became known as a place for good food and good drink, and people from there were considered to be people of leisure and drink and food,’ says Bonney. In Europe especially, the term ‘Burgundian’ has a bon vivant-ish connotation of ‘fine drink and fine good and good times and perhaps a little excess.’

Look for The Burgundian Tavern on Facebook:

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