Rogue Chickens

These pictured here, are not those mentioned in the post. But you get the idea.

Reader, Wallingford romance writer and CoolMom Kimberly Christensen has a neighborly request to the owners of some wayward poultry:

Attention chicken owners in lower Wallingford (near Irwin’s): Twice within the last week a trio of hens has made themselves at home in my front yard, scratching and pecking for worms amongst my lovely (and now somewhat trampled) tulips and daffodils. I would love for these chickens to stay in their own yard. While I admire people who keep chickens, I am not one of them for a reason. And I don’t wish to have my yard play host to chickens of questionable morals. So I ask the following:

  • S

    I am 95% certain I know who they belong to, will email you with info. Good luck!

  • JN

    The thought of rogue, runaway chickens made me smile! I hope they find their home.

  • Dennis

    I love the phrase “chronically wayward poultry.” Makes it sound like they should be in a reform coop.

  • Ryan

    I can give them a home. Its a warm place with plenty of veggies and noodles.

  • coolio

    How many eggs did the Easter Bunny lay to prep for Easter?

    None! They were laid by the Parading Poutry. Bunnies cant lay eggs!

  • anne

    “And we’ll all have chicken and dumplings when she comes” La La

  • iowagirl

    Well, either they end up being chicken coq au vin, or they get back home to their loving owners!

  • scot

    Not our chickens, from farther up the hill. Our chickens are too chicken to venture so far.
    Also, I’ve been seeing more of our Wallingford/Greenlake Coopers Hawk.

  • Nancy M

    Chickens are fairly easy to catch if one offers a lettuce leaf and keeps backing up and another person grabs the chicken middle with both hands . . . have largish cardboard boxes at the ready or pet carriers, and make sure they have water. My first chickens knew there was a world outside their coop and pen and sought it constantly and so, tired of chicken chasing, my next chickens have no idea there is an outside to their Ponderosa and no escapes knock on feathers for going on 3 years.

  • Nancy L

    I just happened to spot them on Meridian just below 38th. They were accompanied by a very handsome mallard! Guard duck?… guide duck?… groupie duck?

  • heather

    LOVE that these and hopefully other “wayward chickens” serve as fabulous traffic calming for our pedestrians and cyclists alike! There need to be more in our hood!!!

  • Owner of the offending fowl

    Nothing an apology and a carton of eggs won’t fix, we hope…

  • KimberlyC

    Thank you owners of the offending fowl! We very much appreciated the note and eggs and are also impressed with your sleuthing skills! My kids thought maybe the Easter Bunny had come a day early :)

    Thanks to all for your help, except those of you with recipe suggestions. No cruetly to the birds, remember?

  • Josiah

    May have one of these chickens in my yard now. I live on 38th an Bagley and a black, full grown, hen was in our driveway. We caught it and put it in our backyard with our chickens. We’d like to return this chicken to its rightful owner. Please email me at [email protected]. Or call sam at (415) 515-1599. He takes care of our chickens. It’s currently in its own pen. Almost escaped again. Have pics if u need

  • Sam

    Just to follow up on the rouge chxn alert here…
    Same as above, black, laying hen, found Friday afternoon
    I really don’t want this hen, its just troubling my flock, so if it is yours please reply here or call 415 515 1599
    and too in 24hrs its up for grabs

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