No Rain (Sushi) in the Forecast

You’ve got exactly four days to get your fill of the Rain Modern Japanese Cuisine‘s brand of Japanese fusion and modern sushi stylings: after eight years, the owners are selling with August 31st as the final date.

The sale hasn’t been finalized yet, and there are two parties they’re negotiating with, so they’ve asked us not to say more until the ink is on the paper. We’ll keep you updated, though: Jenny tells us they’ll know who’s taking over by the end of the week. Either way, though, it sounds like it will remain a sushi restaurant, which is fine by us.

In the meantime, you can find us camped out at their front window, munching on kabocha squash dumplings, tuna mango tango and, of course, the Wallyhood roll.

(Thanks to Matt and Heidi for the tip!)

  • Nathan

    I hope it’s a certified sustainable sushi place. If not, I hope it becomes one.

  • Angela

    Oh no! My favorite little sushi place! I hope the new owners don’t change a thing. If they do they’ll lose business. (crossing fingers everything stays the same).

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