There’s a cat stuck near the top of this tree

Update, 10/10 at 8:32pm: More good news! “Muffy” the cat has been reunited with her family. Here’s what Jenny told us:

Wow…life is funny sometimes…I had 10 posters I was going to post in the neighborhood. When I was posting, and only on my second one, I freakishly ran into the owners! I was starting the second one, when a very nice man and woman approached me and asked me if I was posting about a lost cat, and I said, “No, a found cat.” And they said, “Really? we are missing ours”….and one thing led to another. Now Muffy, a 3 1/2 year old Maine Coon, has been re-united with Judy and Jorgen, her owners. Muffy is newish to the neighborhood, only about 4 1/2 months in residence, at Judy and Jorgen’s. They spend a lot of time in Mexico, when Muffy is with them there too. I guess they all go back and forth. Muffy had been missing 6 days and had been posted on Craig’s list as missing.


I am not sure how much many of those days were spent in the tree. I know Muffy was stuck up there all last night. Judy, Jorgen, myself and many other neighbors had heard quite a crow ruckus yesterday in the very tree that Muffy was occuping. I guess she got spotted from there, but not by Judy and Jorgen. Jorgen said they couldn’t find the binoculars to look into the tree where the crows had been circling. Jorgen thought it was a bird of prey, which is one of things crows really get upset about, but in this instance it was a “catbird” so to speak.


A happy ending! And thanks again for your help. And if you ever need someone to get a cat out of a tree I highly recommend Dan Kraus at Cat in the Tree Rescue at 425-806-3845. He did a great job.

Update, 10/10 at 4:17pm: Jenny tells us that the cat is out of the tree! We’ll try to get a picture posted later, but for now, here’s Jenny’s update:

THE CAT HAS BEEN RESCUED FROM THE TREE AND IS NOW BEING CARED FOR AT MY HOUSE . The cat is a very sweet Maine Coone type mix. Seems in fine condition, walking well when coming out.  Adult (Male?) with toriti (ish) coloring. A collar, sadly no I.D. but the collar has bells on it. I will take the cat to a vet for a scan if posters/info out to Wallingford yield nothing. Right now, I cannot take the cat for a scan as he/she is hiding in my garage. Don’t want to get into a tussle or upset cat by trying to put  he/ she in a carrier at the moment. I will let things settle down a bit.

When I got there Dan Kraus, of Cat Rescue in A Tree, was already 3/4 of the way to rescuing the cat. I had already been in contact with Seattle Police and Seattle Animal Control before showing up on site. Many thanks also to Ben and Janna for all their help in helping me contact Dan Kraus, and all the other things they did as well. NOW STEP TWO: FIND THE OWNER (s)!!!! I would imagine they might be worried if they realize their cats most recent activities…..

Jenny and Janna are hoping to locate the owner of a cat that’s stuck wayyyyyyy the heck up on the top of a pine tree. Here’s what they wrote:

We have learned of at cat stuck at the top of a VERY tall pine tree. It has been there overnight. We have ascertained that the tree is in the backyard on Sunnyside (at N. 41st. St.). We knocked on the door but no one is home.

The cat moves around and seems to attempt to get down but cannot. He/she is just about at the very top of the tree. We do not know who the cat belongs to.

Jenny called something called Cat Rescue but it’s been over an hour and have not heard back from them. I don’t think the Fire Dept. likes to get cats out of trees as a regular course, but they do it in special circumstances (?). But of course, this is someone else’s property, and we can’t really intervene directly.

I looked up their number on the white pages but just got a busy signal. Maybe leave a note on their door?

Mostly I think we need to locate the cat’s owner.

I spoke to a woman at the Seattle Animal Shelter this morning who tells me that for a fee, arborists will come and rescue a cat. She also recommended placing a can of open tuna at the base of the tree to lure the cat down (I’m not sure that the cat will be able to smell a can of tuna from the top of the tree, but I guess it’s worth a shot, eh?)

If you’ve been missing your cat since last night, you might want to take a walk over to 41st and Sunnyside and have a look.


  1. Katy said,

    There was a cat stuck in a tree behind my work last year. The fire department said they don’t help with that. I contacted someone who climbs trees for a living who rescues cats in his spare time. I don’t have his details anymore but found him fairly easily through a simple google search. The cat behind my work got himself down after about 36 hours.

    Wed, October 10 at 1:34 pm
  2. Margaret said,

    Thanks, Katy. I wondered about that (whether or not the Fire Department helped with that sort of thing or not). Now I know!

    Wed, October 10 at 1:36 pm
  3. 123ABC said,

    Thank you Jenny and Janna! You have big hearts.

    Wed, October 10 at 10:11 pm
  4. jacqui said,

    Yay Muffy! And welcome to the neighborhood! And Yay for Jenny, a truly good person.

    Thu, October 11 at 10:12 am
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