Film Crew At Gas Works Park

Gas_Works_Park_03A large film crew will be filming scenes for a television pilot at Gasworks Park on Monday, April 15. While most of the filming will take place at night, after the park is closed to the public, the crew will be setting up that afternoon, including on and around the observation platform. The crew is working with Seattle Parks and Recreation, as well as the Seattle Police Department, to ensure the safety of park visitors throughout the day, when vehicles will be driving on some of the paved portions of the park.

Dave Drummond, a location scout manager, also tells us that large production trailers will be parked in the lot beginning Sunday night (April 14) and a large portion of the lot will be barricaded for that use; but he’s assured us that the rest of the lot will be available for parking.

“The set itself will be restricted but there will be plenty of activity around that folks can check out if they are interested in the process,” Drummond adds. “We realize that we are guests in your neighborhood and hope that our filming will be completed with minimal inconvenience.”

  • Mary Anne Courchene

    What a great place to film a tv serious or a movie. Can’t wait to see what comes of the filming if it gets aired.

  • Lisa

    How about the name of the project so we can Google it?

  • Margaret

    Yeah, I asked that too, but sorry…it’s “under wraps” until filming is done.

  • y

    the Sounders theme song was filmed here. A cover for Seattle magazine was produced and staged here. 1 movie I know of.

  • Sonja

    The pilot might be called “Gotcha.” I noticed the yellow and black arrow signs off of the ramp from I-5 to Wallingford which help direct crew to the site and they often use the name of the show. (You see these all over LA)

  • Lisa

    I did a little snooping, too, and it seems to be a TNT pilot that is shooting in Portland, but set in Seattle (how annoyingly typical) and stars Geena Davis. They’re only here shooting exterior scenes tonight and then back to Portland. It would be great to get more filming here, like from start to finish and with normal sized budgets like we used to get here before Canada got in the mix :-)

  • Lisa
  • Dave

    The guard told me last night I could not park in the lot unless I was with the film crew. The weather was bad so I parked just across the street but that statement about the rest of the lot being available is not true.

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