Wallingford Pediatrics Says ‘Goodbye’

We heard through the Mamavine that after 32 years of taking care of Seattle’s kiddos, Wallingford Pediatrics will close at the end of September. From the Wallingford Pediatrics website:

Wallingford Pediatrics Says ‘Goodbye’

Wallingford Pediatrics 4005 Wallingford Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98103
Amye Hadley, A.R.N.P., N.D David Springer, M.D., M.P.H. July 27, 2012

To all of the Patients at Wallingford Pediatrics: After 32 years Wallingford Pediatrics is closing its doors on September 28, 2012. We would love to continue providing compassionate family-centered care but cannot survive as an independent practice with the costs of electronic medical records, computer hardware updates, and the burdensome limitations imposed by insurance billing. We will gladly help in transitioning care to another provider but you should first check with your insurance company about your options. We are enclosing a medical release of records for your convenience. After the practice closes you can continue directing inquiries to: Wallingford Pediatrics P.O. Box 31509 Seattle, Washington 98103 I personally want to express my fondest appreciation to each of you who over the years has provided me so much more than I could ever return. Thank you, David Springer, M.D., M.P.H. Owner Wallingford Pediatrics, PLLC

We’re also told that Dr. Springer is retiring, and Dr. Dryer will be an urgent care doctor at Children’s Hospital.

  • Nancy M

    Is Mamavine your neologism, Margaret? Funny!

  • Robert

    I’m very saddened by this news. Wallingford Pediatrics always provided great care for our daughter.

  • common sense

    very sad, I just had a bad computer program update change in anohter local health care facility.. it seems that the computer entry is in itself health treatment.. back to good old hands of helaing.

  • Elmer Fud


  • a

    I would like to know where to find Nurse Betsy after they close.

    Does anyone know of another pediatrician who only prescribes antibiotics when absolutely necessary?

  • Michael Kucher

    Very sad! This was the coolest, most competent pediatric practice I’ve ever seen. David, Betsy, and Brian provided superb care for our (almost) 8-year-old. We will miss them. Thank you all!

  • http://blog.protectedstatic.com/ protected static

    Damn. That’s too bad.

  • Mama Bear

    Nurse Besty is at Everett Clinic in Mill Creek

    I am very curious to see where Amye goes. She is absolutly amazing and will will quickly gain patients. Any clinic will be very lucky to have her.
    Dr Dryer has always worked part time at Childrens and they are luck to have him full time.

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