Shots at AVTech

(Wallyhood welcomes its newest writer to our fold, Nicholas Kato.)

What do we do when a reader reports gunshots in lower Wallingford? Gumshoe, of course.

After hearing reports there was a man seen with a rifle on December 2nd at 34th and Burke, I walked the block last Friday to investigate. What I found was surprising, to say the least. Two spent 10-gauge shotgun shells lay on the sidewalk adjacent to the old Avtech building. Nothing seemed damaged, and thankfully there have been no reports of injuries.

Besides the expended ammo, the only other thing that seemed out of place was the derelict house that stands, or rather, leans, just to the north of 34th and Burke.

Residents have reported some activity around the derelict house on the northwest corner of the Avtech property. Although the house has been boarded up for years, apparently there are people using the garage and porch for shelter and a place to sleep.“There have been a couple people who might be drinking or smoking that get a little loud, but nothing where we’ve had to call the police,” reported Thom Goulding, who manages the apartment complex adjacent to the house.

Wallyhood reader Tracy H. provided  the following information from Avtech:

“The HR manager at Avtech/Tyee has informed me that the property is for sale (rather than lease) but who knows how long it could be before a sale happens.   They, at one time, tried to obtain a permit to demolish what is known as the “meth house” on the northwest side of their property but the city code wouldn’t allow them to pursue this unless they were willing to replace it with more housing.  Since they are not in the housing business this was not of interest to them.  The continuing existence of this house and it’s large, unkempt “backyard”  (Avtech kept it up beautifully when they were in residence)  will probably contribute to the number of incidents we may see in the future.”
According to SPD’s online crime map, no reports have been filed related to the incident. A check on local reports over the last year reveal only a handful of police incidents, mostly graffiti, car prowls, and a home burglary.

Neighbors are encouraged to continue to report suspicious activity to the police. Meanwhile, discharging firearms on or by the Avtech property is still not allowed. Stay safe, folks.

  1. Donn said,

    Is that a photo of one of the two shotgun shells, or just a photo of a shotgun shell for illustrative purposes? 10 gauge shotgun shells are relatively unusual, but even more so with “20 GA” stamped on the back … the plot thickens.

    Tue, December 11 at 12:16 pm
  2. Nick said,

    Good catch, it’s probably 20 gauge and a typo on my part. It was is indeed the actual shell I found down there.

    Tue, December 11 at 1:33 pm
  3. Amanda said,

    Was the man with a gun seen on 24th and Burke or should that read 34th and Burke? I live across the street in an apartment and notice suspicious activity around that house often, but never anyone with weapons or being particularly loud. Will definitely report any future suspicious activity.

    Tue, December 11 at 1:41 pm
  4. Chris W. said,

    Hey, Jordan, one of my old posts about a fire across the street from me was about that house — it’s been occupied for a long long time. We lived across the street for 3 years and never saw or heard a thing.

    Tue, December 11 at 4:42 pm
  5. Chris W. said,

    Oh, sorry Nicholas! You probably don’t get mistaken for Jordan in person!

    Tue, December 11 at 4:43 pm
  6. Margaret said,

    Thanks, Amanda! I changed it to 34th and Burke.

    Tue, December 11 at 4:50 pm
  7. yesyes said,

    and this is the kind of thing which with neighbors coming by to clean up the grounds, clean out the garage.. as mentioned in the placeholder thread.. we can do to prevent too muc h violence and potential other problems

    Tue, December 11 at 5:29 pm
  8. Adioz said,

    34th and Burke or 34th and Wallingford?
    Think this is on Wallingford, east side of street.

    Wed, December 12 at 3:49 pm
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