Cakespy comes to Wallingford

We first came upon Cakespy when we saw a blog post about her “Taking it to the Sweet” street art installation. The premise was simple: she created little faux cupcakes and hid them around the city with little notes on them:

No reason. No ad campaign. No political message. Just cupcakes.

We love this kind of guerrilla art because it reminds us that beauty and creativity don’t have to be framed, packaged, copyrighted and sold. Art is everywhere you make it.

So we were happy to see that Cakespy is coming to Wallingford for the first Wallingford Art Walk of 2009 on May 6th, when her paintings will be on display at by Trophy Cupcake in Wallingford Center. Jessie (her real name) provides the deets:

I will have over 60 paintings in various sizes depicting cupcakes all around Seattle–from hanging out by icons like the Space Needle and Pike Place Market to locals-only types of things, like hipster cupcakes hanging out on Broadway, a cupcake traffic jam on the Mercer Street exit of I-5, tipsy cupcakes outside of the Blue Moon, and many more. They will also be supplying some free mini cupcakes, and they will be offering cupcakes with my artwork on them for sale around the time of the show (limited availability).

And, in a Wallyhood exclusive, here’s a sneak peak at one of her Wallingford-themed works:

Cakespy in Wallingford

  1. Maika said,

    Hooray for Cakespy! She’s a wonderful lady and she makes equally wonderful art. Oh yes, and her photos make me drool. :)

    Mon, April 13 at 10:18 am
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