Wallingford Secedes!

wallingford-secedesIn a stunning move, the heretofore tranquil neighborhood of Wallingford seceded from Seattle today.

At approximately 5:00 am, in a careful synchronized set of actions, Wallingford separatists detonated the 45th St and 50th St bridges that span I-5 and connect Wallingford to the University District on the East. Simultaneously, a group of frogmen commandeered a fleet of Greenlake paddle boats, expanding the northern border of Wallingford to the southern banks of Greenlake and establishing a northern Wallingford naval fleet. To the west, Wallingford irregulars moved as far as the Aurora Highway into territory previously claimed by Fremont, and early reports indicate that armed guards have been posted at the underpasses at 40th, 45th, 50th and 63rd streets.

The breadth and complexity of the maneuvers suggest the plan was in the works for some time, but city officials were clearly by surprise.

“This is an action of a few radicals and is not representative of the will of the people of Wallingford,” declared Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels. “We will seek to make contact with law abiding members of the Wallingford community to liberate and repatriate them to greater Seattle as soon as possible.”

“Really? They did what?” he added.

In a joint statement, Wallingford Community Council President Mary Heim, Wallingford Chamber Council President Kara Ceriello and Wallingford Neighborhood Office President Janet Stillman, a group known informally as the Three Queens, or the Triumgynate, declared the purpose and goals of the move:


Wallingford has too long suffered under the harsh and parasitic hold of the Nickels Regime and his rubber-stamp puppets, the City Council. Our people are taxed for baseball and football stadiums we don’t attend, light rail that does not serve us and police officers that do not respond to our calls.

It is well known that the University District has been feeding its heroin habit with our car stereos, that Ballard has been using our idyllic Main Street as its thruway from the Interstate and that that Fremont has been picking flowers from our lawns without permission. These affronts must not be allowed to continue.

Only when Wallingford asserts its independence can we thrive. The city-owned parks at Gasworks, Wallingford and Meridian are herewith annexed and shall be converted to farmland. The docks of Greenlake and Lake Union shall be used for fishing and the materials of Stoneway Hardware and Tweedy and Popp shall be used to build our new Utopia.

Also, we’re closing Babalu.

The city, clearly hoping to avoid a repeat of the militaristic missteps of the WTO, urged citizens to remain indoors until the situation stabilizes or the sun comes out, whichever comes first.

  1. brent said,

    Apparently I am going to be annexed in 4 hours and 19 minutes.

    On the plus side, that gives me a head start for preparing the insurgency!

    Wed, April 1 at 12:42 am
  2. Jen said,

    Maybe we should nationalize the Babalu and turn it into a kid-friendly eating establishment like the Madrona Alehouse.

    Wed, April 1 at 9:20 am
  3. blinque said,

    Might I suggest that Wallywood reconsider the conversion of GasWorks to farmland, as the soils there are purportedly toxic from the industrial processes that once took place there…

    …just a thought.

    Wed, April 1 at 9:54 am
  4. DOUG. said,

    We’ll never survive without a liquor store.

    Wed, April 1 at 10:16 am
  5. SeattleAlan said,

    I vote for the liquor store moving into where OfficeMax was. Parking and easy access from I-5. And with the 50th & 45th street overpasses gone, all of the University area people will have to stay on their side and go to the liquor store in U-Village!

    Wed, April 1 at 10:31 am
  6. Jenny said,

    Hurrah! Excellent news!

    (P.S. “Triumgynate”? BWAH!)

    Wed, April 1 at 11:27 am
  7. Karen said,

    I vote for turning 45th Street from Murphy’s to Bottleworks into a pedestrian mall.

    Wed, April 1 at 12:06 pm
  8. SeattleAlan said,

    Excellent idea, Karen! Our own urban village. I like it!

    Wed, April 1 at 12:29 pm
  9. SeattleAlan said,

    oooh oooh ooooh – a tunnel from Sunnyside to Stone for through traffic.

    Wed, April 1 at 12:31 pm
  10. Sara said,

    A kid-friendly eating establishment!! Love it!!!

    Wed, April 1 at 1:56 pm
  11. John Scott Tynes said,

    I demand Wallingford Secession Day t-shirts and posters. Are you listening, Not-A-Number?

    Wed, April 1 at 5:35 pm
  12. Yani said,

    Instead of a tunnel, how about a monorail?!

    Fri, May 29 at 1:58 pm
  13. jacqui said,

    Will we have a “Wallingford Secession Procession” representin’ at the Kiddie Parade? Cheeky, but fun, me thinks…

    Wed, June 17 at 10:00 am
  14. Mary Heim said,

    While the reports of the secession are premature (who is Wallyhood’s “Deep Throat”) I would urge everyone to think beyond Green Lake and consider moving our boundary even farther North — like the Canadian border. We could petition to become part of British Columbia, the health care is probably better there anyway. Once we get the July 4th Honey Bucket crisis resolved, I’ll take this up with the other queens . . .

    Sun, June 21 at 8:47 pm
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