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Jeff Garfield from Bedrooms and More (300 NE 45th St) dropped us a line recently with a bit of history on his shop. It’s nicely written and helps paint a picture of how the neighborhood has developed, so we thought we’d share what he wrote with you:

I moved to Wallingford in 1969 while going to the University and opened a business in 1972 on 45th. The stretch between Dick’s Drive In and “The Burg” was the place to cruise when I got my driver’s license in 1962, so Wallingford has a permanent spot in my heart.

In September of 1972, Bedrooms & More opened on its present site as The Four Post’r; a waterbed store.  The site’s predecessor was Latona Foods and Meat Market. It also housed an interim tenant, a hippie shop called The Family Store, complete with painted rainbows on the outside! Remodeling followed and included arched windows and and cedar siding. At that time there were also two apartments above the store as well as a three story house on the back of the lot.  In 1976, the store name changed to Waterbed World and in 1978, to The Waterbed Store.

A new building with the same front footprint was built in 1986, retaining the look of the original with arched brick windows. Two more name changes followed because of expanded product line and a name conflict with another store. Those names were The Bedroom Store in 1989 and the current Bedrooms & More in 1994. The owners, Wanda and Jeff Garfield are still the owners and still head the family operated business, now including three sons and a daughter-in-law. Also meet Jackie and Gary, managers, and Shawn, Rachel, Christopher, Addison, Sean, Adam, Morgan, and Andrew.

DSC08903Bedrooms & More has carried various types of bedding over the years and now specializes in mattresses that are comfortable and sensible for the consumer and the earth. Featuring long lasting two-sided, flip-able mattresses and non off-gassing natural, sustainable and organic latex mattresses, Bedrooms & More works hard to provide the customer with the best products available at the fairest price possible. Whenever possible, Bedrooms & More sells locally made products including a beautifully crafted line of hardwood bedroom furniture from American Woodcraft of Tacoma. […]

Because shopping for a mattress can be confusing, Bedrooms & More offers an informal “How to Shop for a Mattress” presentation every Saturday morning at 9:30.  Don’t worry about getting that second cup of coffee heading out as coffee and donuts are served. […] It’s purpose is to demystify the industry and the products you are apt to encounter in the quest of a perfect night’s sleep. There is no obligation to purchase anything and the presentation is low key. No reservation is necessary. […]

Bedrooms & More invites all neighbors to stop in and take a look around. There are many nooks and crannies to explore, about 60 different types of mattresses, lots of bedroom furniture and bedding galore.

Just say hi neighbor.

  1. Sara said,

    We purchased our son his first “big boy” mattress here. We had looked at MANY stores before ending up at Bedrooms and More. Good service, good price and comfy mattress!

    Wed, August 12 at 4:01 pm
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