Return of the Bull

You can end your speculatin’ about what is going to happen to Goldie’s (which you may remember closed back in March) Kara C. of the Wallingford Chamber e-mailed us with the udpate:

Goldie’s has been bought by Bernie, very nice Irishman who owns a pub in the U-Dist and one in Cap Hill.  He popped in here a couple hrs ago to say hi & buy a card.  He started gutting it today, says it’s a real mess inside, but plans on opening in a few weeks!  He said he loved the “Iron Bull” tile in front of the door (which is what the bar was called back in the 60′s and 70′s), so plans to reopen the Iron Bull as a nicer bar w/ an expanded outdoor area.

We’ll make some calls and get some more info for you shortly.

  • Heidi

    Cool! Does anyone know what other 2 bars he owns?

  • Flash

    The Iron Bull is a unique name and that tile is sweet. Goldie’s was just so generic in every way. It was the bar equivalent of a fast food joint. By trying to please everyone you please no one. Hopefully he can bring some character to the joint.

  • CB

    A little more info about it here:
    Looks like he owns Rat & Raven (replaced The Irish Immigrant) in the U-District and Redwood on Capitol Hill

  • Eunice

    Nice, Redwood has a great jukebox although the movie screen thing is weird. Good news for Wallingford.

  • CindyY

    I don’t know what the “movie screen thing” is, but if it’s like the one they have at Sunset Tavern in Ballard, hen I vote for a Wallingford version of Kung Fu Grindhouse or SUCK Films. Ballard’s just… so… far……

  • judy

    Nicer bar sounds good. Not so excited about expanded outdoor area! where? I live right across the street. People standing around smoking on the corner was not a great addition to the neighborhood.

  • Gerald

    Bernie and I bought Goldie’s and will reopen it as the Iron Bull.
    Our intent is to stick with the sports bar thing but make it a much nicer sports bar.
    We will have the NFL package and perhaps 20 TVs so everyone will get to watch the game of their choice.
    And yes we will have “the movie screen thing”.
    Actually we will have two.
    Bernie and I also co-own the Rat and Raven in the U-district.
    I own the building houses the Redwood.
    Bernie owns the newly remodeled Clever Dunnes.

  • iyqtoo

    Welcome to the ‘hood Gerald and Bernie.  My family always wished Goldies would capitalize on their outdoor dining area.   Thank you for being sensitive to neighborhood history.  We so look forward to your new business!!  

  • Gerald

    If you get a chance stop by the Rat and Raven and see what we did with that place.
    I think you will like it.
    From the condition of Goldie’s today I do not think it can do anything but improve.

  • Anonymous

    Welcome, Gerald.  Glad to hear about the NFL package.  You’ll be open by football season, yes?  ;-)

  • Gerald

    Indeed we will be open for football season.
    My hope is we will be open within a month and have pleanty of Mariner games to watch.

  • mogulboy

    Awesome Gerald!!! Seattle needs to up their sports bar bar….I remember going into goldies the first time and stunned it was called a sports bar. LTD in fremont is doing things right as far as sports bars go. Steady flow of people from 5pm on with lots of HIGH DEF TVs.

    Often had to go down to lower queen anne to watch a college football game via a package.

    Get the hockey package as well!!! Lot of hockey friendlies in the hood.

  • joshuarule

    Seriously…I need a good place to watch hockey!

  • Tom

    NHL Center Ice package, perhaps, Gerald?  :)

  • Gerald


  • mogulboy

    I declare Thursday night as hockey night at the Iron Bull!!! If the bull opens before the end of the playoffs, let’s plan a night there. What do you say boys?

  • Janey

    What about MLS at the new Iron Bull?  It would be fun to watch those Sounders!

  • Gerald

    The Sounders games are a done deal. We also show all of them at the Rat and Raven.
    We hope to open on the 23RD of this month which is too late for hockey I think.
    We hope to have a grand opening on the 29TH.
    This all depends on when we get our booze liscens but I am hopefull we will have it soon.
    I think we will get the MLB package.
    And the NFL package.
    And the hockey package.
    And any other damn package that we can get and people want.

  • Elk

    I know I read about keeping pool tables but is there any word on darts still sticking around?

  • Gerald

    We will keep a couple of the dart boards but I don’t think we will have the whole row of em.
    I think we will open on 5/24 with the grand opening on 5/29.
    I invited the mayor, governor and president Obama to come cut the ribbon.
    My guess is Mr. Obama might be busy and it is a long drive for the Gov but we might see the mayor.

  • Gerald

    The Iron Bull Sports Bar and Grill will open for business this Friday with the grand opening being help on Saturday.
    Please come by and take a look.

  • iyqtoo

    We’re away this weekend, but will come in first chance next week .  Thank you, thank you for those wonderful windows!!  I was so hoping you’d put some in.

  • mogulboy

    Awesome!!! we are out of town as well but I intend to pop in the following friday for a little hockey viewing….maybe even sooner. Congrats and welcome to the hood!

  • Dennis

    Good luck today and welcome to the neighborhood.  What about the World Cup?  I know lots of bars in the city will be looking to attract customers…good tune-up before football season?  Looking forward to dropping by soon…

  • Gerald

    If it is sports we will show it.

  • Chuck

    Anyone know if you can bring kids to the new Iron Bull?  Would love to watch some World Cup with them this Saturday.

  • Gerald

    Sorry but the Washington State Liqour board says no kids.
    The law says you have to have a certain percentage of the place devoted to dining to let kids in and we do not meet that requirement.
    We will opening at 7AM for the next couple of weeks to show the World Cup games.
    If we get enough people interested in a certain match that starts at 4AM we can also open for that game.

  • Chuck

    Thanks Gerald,
    And booooo WSLCB.

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