The verdict for this one was:  “bellissima!”.  No surprise – as an Italian movie it’s got to be sexy, stylish and brew a killer cappuccino, right?  Opening at The Guild on 45th on Friday, Mid-August Lunch drew these comments from il pubblico:

It was very funny and charming and sweet.  And the male lead is very good-looking!  He had a nice smile. ” –David

A lovely portrayal of older people which you don’t find that much.  It had a fun view of Rome, a different view.  We liked it a lot.” –Virginia

Charming and sweet.  The male lead was very kind-hearted.  Three thumbs up from us!”  –Bonnie

Very very sweet.  Very very good movie!  It brought out the necessity and joy of older people having companionship rather than being left alone.”  –Barbara

Excellent.  An amazing performance the director got out of the 3 women actresses.  Fantastic, funny and original and a little heartbreaking at the end.” –A Moviegoer

So, grab your Gucci, hop on your Vespa and zip on over to il cinema Guild.

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