Bye Zeb!

If you’ve been annoyed by the graffiti that seems to appear regularly around the neighborhood, take some cheer. Twenty-one year old Samuel F. Lehtinen was booked into jail a couple weeks back, accused (and caught paint-handed) of being the vandal spraypainting “Zeb” all of Seattle and Portland. Here’s a few images of his handiwork, shot by Jeff over at Bedrooms & More:

Have fun spraypainting the inside of your cell.

  • sally


  • SeattleAlan

    Good News! Glad to see one of the obnoxious taggers get caught!

  • K

    It’s nice to know they can actually catch some of these guys!

  • Dane

    I don’t like graffiti, and feel the same about billboards, which look like corporate graffiti to me. how come taggers get jail time for forcing us to look at their brands but billboard advertisers get profit for putting their brands in our faces?? I think it was Mother Jones who said something like: I asked a man in prison once how he happened to be there and he said he had stolen a pair of shoes. I told him if he had stolen a railroad he would be a United States Senator.

  • http://--

    He’s twenty one, have some sympathy. Is he some yuppy middle class kid or is it possible that he comes from a tougher place. Damn yuppies.

  • Brian

    I understand tough beginnings, but twenty one is old enough to vote, drive, and to know better.

  • Fruitbat

    Dane–I don’t like billboards and advertising, either.

    The difference is that advertisers don’t put ads on the side of private (or public) property without asking permission. This isn’t so much about aesthetics as about the pointless damage to buildings, street signs, mailboxes, and any other surface.

    Now, spray-painting billboards, with clever counter-slogans and commentary–that’s a different conversation.

    But tagging buildings, street signs, mailboxes–that’s just trashing.

  • Flash

    Now if we could only catch that Henry fellow I see about town…

  • http://TransferOnline Concerned citizen

    We were tagged several times with the “Zeb” tag, expensive to fix and the paint never looks perfect after you’ve been tagged.

    I wonder if he will stop by and do some work around here to pay for the damages he caused, probably not!

    Hopefully he’ll stop this nonsense and get his life on track.

  • Frankie

    Here is what the clown looks like:

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