Wallingford Crime

You may notice we don’t do “crime” stories here on Wallyhood frequently. There’s crime everywhere, we all know it, and we don’t care to contribute to the vague sense of danger and disquiet that frequent crime reporting fosters. That said, once in a while, it’s worth a note about what’s going on, to help you level-set your precautions.

Caleb shares a story and a warning:

I had 4 bikes stolen off my front porch late Monday night/Tuesday morning near Lower Woodland Playfields. 2 with U-locks and a thick cable running through the rest and one of the U-locks. This was in the middle of the night and we have 24 steps up to our house.

Anyway, here’s my craiglist stolen listing: http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/bik/1905549158.html

I thought they were “out of sight” enough, but wrong I was (a handlebar was visible from the street). Police were very nice and I let the nearby bike shops that buy used bikes know.

I leave it up to you whether it’s worth reporting this.  We’d LOVE to get our bikes back.

Littlebyrdster also had a bike stolen by “some HOLE”. According to her Wallyhood Forum post, it was a brand new REI Novara Forza.

Our neighbor Christen had a book stolen from her (streetside) mailbox last week. Perhaps the thief will find a path to redemption through the artistic methods he may glean from his lifted literature.

Cuttysark noted in the Forums that there were a set of vehicle break-ins after a car was seen driving “very slowly” through the neighborhood on surveillance video. Apparently, “super hero shoes” were part of the take. This could spell doom for the Justice League.

JTHoni returned home from a trip abroad to find that their house had been broken into. His wife’s jewelry was stolen, including some sentimental but not otherwise valuable pieces. If you happened to have come across these discarded somewhere, please get in touch.

There. Now you know.

  1. Sandy said,

    Has anyone noticed that their gas gauge shows less than what they remembered the night before?
    I just thought to bring it up. Someone sawed the pin that extends into the body of my BMW to lock the gas tank when the car is locked, and siphoned gas from my car.
    This was about a month ago.
    I don’t fill my car anymore. That way, they don’t get much.
    They also emptied my glove box and took my radar detector. My car was locked.

    Fri, August 20 at 11:00 pm
  2. [email protected] said,

    I subscribe to Wallyhood email updates. It was from this I heard of play called The Lonely Kazoo. I attended this show last night, and wanted to give a reveiw,(loved the show!, had great time,etc) Was unable to do this. Tried to register to blog. Was prompted to enter email address and passcode. Did this, then passcode was erased and it stated, “passcode would be emailed to me”. Thought this was strange, received “passcode” (qxQhj*^QLYA) thought this strange, also. Long story short, surprise, surprise, didn’t work. Any thoughts, ideas, opinions?… on this one, of many computer problems. If so please contact ([email protected]) thank you.

    Fri, August 20 at 11:05 pm
  3. Caleb said,

    New url for craigslist posting on the 4 stolen bikes:
    I’ve gotten some good tips from Wallyhood and craisgslist, thank you!
    However, have not recovered any of the bikes yet, we’d appreciate any info you might have.

    Sun, August 22 at 4:20 pm
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