Out of Business

The northern side of the block between Corliss Ave. N. and Sunnyside Ave. N. on 45th St. is looking like a ghost town.


The Money Store

Crazy Beans

  • Caroline

    Tear them all down and put in a locally run gym and be the first gym in the neighborhood!

  • Elaine

    That block has been an eyesore since I lived on Sunnyside in 1981. Tear it all down!

  • cathy

    I want a hot yoga studio here.

  • K

    There was talk of this block as a potential location for a new Wallingford Community Center, in the style of the Phinney Ridge one. I’m hoping that idea hasn’t been forgotten….

  • Batman

    So, pay the $3500/mo rent and start a gym. Start a yoga studio. Buy the building, tear it down, and build a community center. Start whatever you and your awesome business skills can do. Just stop complaining about the location unless you’re gonna do something about it.

  • Kristin

    What about using the lot for the Farmers Market next year?

  • Charlie

    Take it easy, Batman.

  • Resident

    Quizno’s is no loss, nor was the Payday Loan place, but the teriyaki place is still there. Let’s not all surround the building with pitchforks and torches while there is still a business trying to survive there. I agree the building is ugly, but the teriyaki place has pretty tasty food and is run by very nice people, and they deserve our support just like any other local Wallingford business.

  • Burks

    Crazy Beans has been gone for months now. Quiznos, Up Time Technology & one other business has suffered B & E. No information why Check Mart closed but did notice Teriyaki King is now Teriyaki Madness. That has been a bad luck corner since Sunnyside Deli.

    • http://www.wallyhood.org Wallyhood

      @Burks, in the comments on this story: http://www.wallyhood.org/2010/10/payday-loans-begone/, Protected Static noted that the Check Masters web site has a note saying “Because of recent legislative changes to our industry, we have decided to close 10 of our 22 locations.”

  • shirley

    I’d love to have a gym, community center in that space. But as Resident noted, the teriyaki place is still there. I have not gone there, probably never will, but I hope they are doing ok. Especially if they are independent people trying to make a living.
    (not a chain.)

  • bmacke

    So is Quiznos officially closed? A few months ago I heard it was closed but then later saw it open again. I haven’t been by lately though.

  • Helen

    Yes, if you click on the Quizno’s photo to make it full-sized you can see the padlock on the front door.

  • Local

    The hard times for businesses continues, regardless of the end of the recession. This holiday season will be make or break for many. many locally owned businesses in the neighborhood. Want Wallingford to stay vibrant and relevant? Shop locally this year, keep your money in the community you love. Make this the year you ignore the online stores and support the stores on your street. If you don’t there will be more padlocks on doors.

  • Judy

    This has long been a site desired by major developers. If the community could approach one or more with ideas for content and funding of community desired uses it could be a real win for all. The site would also have to include profitable uses.
    A long shot but worth trying.

    I would be glad to participate, (as a fellow of the planning organization and having worked as planner for Seattle developers)

  • Danny Swanson

    The property where Payday Loans and Crazy beans were, was a gas station up until about 1989. I don’t recall ever seeing the tanks removed and cleaned up. The Green Auto repair on 45th and Corliss was a service station way, way back . Tanks also? Both properties were and I assume still owned by Vic Green. Wonder why new tenants always use existing structures? Major developers may be afraid of what lies beneath.

  • rachel

    I didn’t even know we had a Quiznos. and we DO have a gym on Stone Way and 45th.. it’s independently owned and awesome.

  • cathy

    I would be happy to work with someone to develop a hot yoga studio there. I did try out the gym on 45th and found unfortunately it did not meet my needs. I was very disappointed.

    I remember year sago when there was a fresh vegetable/ fruits outdoor stand there in summers.

  • cathy

    Local, I hope that many efforts go out from Community Council, Chamber and this blogpost to increase neighborhood shopping for the holidays.
    I was dismayed to ge tto Wallingford Center yesterday to see Halloween costumes etc.. and see that most stores were closed.

    Having festivities when stores are open is important.

  • http://www.juliesings.com julie cascioppo

    I am so sorry to see quiznos gone as I had never gotten around to trying it. Was it good? I like the idea of Farmers Market.
    Right now I’m in Mauritius so I’ll be missing all the changes!

  • Bollywood

    Give up. It will be a four story mixed use condo. Fortunately, half of those buildings seem to have hot yoga or a gym…or a quiznos ironically.

  • caroline

    the “gym” at 45th & Stone is not a gym. it is a glorified personal training facility. I am glad that she is doing well and people go there but it doesn’t meet my needs. I want a real ProRobics style gym. Not a yoga studio – we have lots of those – but the occasional yoga class would be fine. Let’s get some machines and some aerobic classes going.

  • Lauren

    The teriyaki place is still owned by the same folks. They just changed their name from Teriyaki King to Teriyaki Madness.

  • K S

    1. Teriyaki Madness was my favorite lunch spot when I worked in Kirkland – I was happy to see they opened a franchise in Wallingford! Unfortunately, they don’t serve the delicious cucumber salad they have at the Kirkland location. But the food is good.

    2. If there’s going to be a gym, it should be modeled on the Ballard Health Club — inexpensive, community-owned, lots of variety.

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