Wallingford Milliner

Anne writes:

I’ve been a Wallingford resident for 24 years and have a millinery studio sale every year.  My annual sale is this coming weekend … please drop by and say hello.  Friday Dec. 10th from 5pm – 9pm and Saturday the 11th from noon until 5pm.  3711 Carr Place N.

You’re probably smarter than we are, so you didn’t have to look up “milliner”, but we did: she makes hats. We always thought that’s what a haberdasher did, but apparently use of the term haberdasher to refer to a hat maker is archaic. Now, it simply refers to a dealer in men’s clothes in general. Who knew?

Anywoo, have a dash over to Carr Place this weekend, mill about with your neighbors and while they don Anne’s hats. She’s got a web site if you want to take a sneak peak.

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