Wallingford Lockdown

Last night, just past 10 pm, Jon Liechty tweeted “Cops have lower @wallyhood shut down with dogs out cornering a criminal” followed by the picture to the right of the action. He says they were looking for a 5’8″ white mail in a blue sweatshirt, near Wallingford Ave and 34th / 35th. Eileen confirmed the incident and, in a separate tip, Fiona tells us they had Meridian shut down too.

That’s what we know. We like the way the community becomes the reporter here, so if there’s anything else anyone knows, please add it here.

  • LesleyW

    I live on the corner of 35th & Burke, and noticed the cops around 10:15 pm or so. So I started listening to the wires, and in addition to pursuing said suspect, the cops also mentioned something about the Essential Baking Co, but I couldn’t determine exactly why.

  • Hoodette

    I realize that crime is no laughing matter, but the image of a white “mail” in a blue sweatshirt made me giggle a bit. He must be on the lam for insufficient postage.

  • Brian

    The concrete promontory at Gasworks was blocked off as of 11:00 am today by four or five patrol cars. The medical examiner’s truck was there as well. I overheard a civilian talking to a policeman about a body that he had seen. I assume given the presence of the medical examiner’s truck that a body was found, probably on the lower ledge of the concrete structure.

  • http://www.felsputzer.com Chris W.

    As for last night, the rumor down here is that Essential Baking was broken into, but nothing taken. (Learned on facebook through a “friend” of a neighbor)

  • Wallygirl

    Let’s not let excitement taint the precision of our language. “Lockdown” occurs in a place with locks/doors, not a neighborhood. We don’t live in a prison. Blocked off, surrounded, cordoned off, barricaded, monitored, controlled, blacked out, etc. – take your pick or come up with something better.

    “Lockdown” is just as misplaced when applied to, say, a school where students are threatened, not threatening. (Although some may argue a school IS a prison!)

  • Allie

    My mother in law went to Essential this morning and the staff confirmed the attempted break-in last night. We could see the lights of several cop cars on different streets from our porch.

  • youguysareridic.

    wow. really? there’s a crime in our neighborhood with possible body (?!?!?!) and you guys are concerned with vocabulary???

    get over yourself…gaw.

  • Michele

    Wow—I heard all the sirens and saw the lights, and an officer on the corner of my street (35th & Wallingford) told me that they were looking for a suspect, and to get back inside. Does anyone know what came of it? And, I haven’t heard anything else about the “body.” Any news?

    *and, please, this is a super nice and fun blog, so no vocab corrections, Wallygirl.

  • Adam13
  • Adam13
  • brc

    “Police: Fremont jogger made up story about attack
    Posted by John de Leon
    Seattle police say a woman, who claimed she was attacked while jogging in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood early Saturday, made the whole thing up.”

  • kolokolo

    there is crime in wallingford all the time..
    Lockdown is a BAD grammar error. It implies that a section of the neighborhood was locked from people beign allowed to enter or to leave.
    I am with the OP who expressed concern about the grammar.

    This error opens doors for major misinterpretation and misunderstanding.

  • http://www.wallyhood.org/ Wallyhood

    It’s not a grammatical error, it’s a word used to refer to something other than its common meaning. A grammar error would be if you were to say “the neighborhood was locked from people being allowed to enter or to leave” instead of “the neighborhood was locked so that people could not enter or leave”. A spelling error would be if you were to say “beign” instead of “being”.

    Wallingford was not in lockdown, although areas were blocked off by police. I doubt anyone read the article and misunderstood what the actual situation was.

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