Issian Shares with Japan

As a home to such a large Japanese-American community, Seattle is filled with aching hearts this past week. Issian, a Japanese restaurant on 45th Street, has offered to help in one small way.

As many of us may already know, Japan has been hit by a series of devastating earthquakes followed by a tsunami, which engulfed many people’s lives, connections, and memories. Many of our families and friends are without shelter, safety, with no end in sight. As a part of ISSIAN’s effort to help those friends in need, we are going to¬†……dedicate all the revenue from miso soup ($3.00/cup) to the affected families and friends. The areas most affected by the earthquakes are located in the northern part of Japan, where the snow still remains. Our hope is to share the warmth of miso soup with those in need. We at ISSIAN give our heartfelt thanks for your sympathy and helping hands. Arigatou!!

Thanks to Sandra for the tip!

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