What in the Wallingford

Last week‘s What in the Wallingford turned out to be a puzzler, with only one correct answer! Here’s the photo we showed on the left and the full image on the right:

No, it’s not a detail from the mural on the side of the Blue Star, Golden Oldies or Kabul (who knew we had so many murals in this neighborhood?), it’s a bit of guerilla art from the side of Bandolero. Who painted it? We don’t know, and neither did Jay, Bandolero’s owner. He thought maybe someone from the neighborhood did it.

We love it, and want to know who painted it. If you’re responsible for the spaceman mural (and you’re OK with going public), let us know how it came about and we’ll buy you a shot of tequila at Bandolero.

Now, for this week’s contest. Take a look at the photo below and, if you can identify where in Wallingford it was taken, you’ve got a Murphy’s t-shirt coming your way. Just enter your answer in the form below the photo (if you’re reading in e-mail or on the P-I, click here to get to the form).

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What in the Wallingford is it?

  1. person said,

    The piece is very Banksy-esque.

    Wed, March 23 at 12:01 pm
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