Mighty-O on the Food Network

Spoiler Alert!  I’m going to tell you who won the Food Network donut challenge.  So beware if you haven’t seen it yet!

Helen told us last week that Mighty-O and Top Pot donuts would compete in the first ever Food Network donut challenge.  Well, they have.  And Wallingford has yet another winning Food Network chef.  That’s right!  Sara Beth Russert is the nation’s first donut champ!  Congratulations, Sara Beth!

Actually, I don’t know if Sara Beth calls herself a chef.  She’s a “donut creator extraordinaire.”  But her recipes were obviously darn good!  In the first round, she served her much-loved french toast donut and an olive oil donut that didn’t fare quite as well.

For the second round, she made a cinnamon sugar with ginger, chocolate ganache-filled salted caramel (!!), and a cherry pecan fritter.  The mouth waters, yes? I’d like one of each, please.

The show’s final challenge was a “donut sculpture.”  None of the competitors did particularly well in the sculpture competition, so Sarah Beth’s “tragic elephant,” Mini, didn’t hurt her any.  The rumor mill says we can all see Mini on display at Might-O Donuts in the coming days.  If we get a pic of her, we’ll post it here.

Congratulations again, Sarah Beth!  We knew your vegan, organic donuts could compete with anyone’s.  Now everyone

Photo: Margaret Steck

else knows, too!

Update:  The photo to the right is the metal frame used to make “Mini the Elephant” on the show.  Minus the tragic icing, of course.

Also, Sara Beth says the recipes used on the show belong to the network, but she’s getting a lot of requests for the cinnamon ginger & the salted caramel.  Keep an eye out, I bet she comes up with something.  Also, the original French Toast is still on the menu, though a little different from those she made during the competition.  Congrats again, Mighty-O!

  1. Margaret said,

    I just had the French Toast donut this morning. Words cannot describe its awesomeness.

    Mon, April 11 at 12:28 pm
  2. Frankie and Chris said,

    We love our Mighty-O. They are forever 1st place in our hearts and stomachs. And taste buds too. Love everyone there. Great smiles and stories.

    Congrats to the win Sarah Beth. This means I will have to ask for more surprises in donut choice!

    Mon, April 11 at 6:18 pm
  3. Tara Katz said,

    Sara Beth was awesome! So is Mighty-Os!! I think Wallingford should host a Sara Beth Victory Parade. (Why are these always reserved for Athletes?) What a grand way to brighten up our gray spring days. I am hoping they come up with a donut in her honor, and until they do I will continue enjoying every other flavor they serve. Have you tried their crazy delicious raspberry donut? It reminds the that one day it will be summer again.
    Congratulations Sara Beth and Mighty-O!!!!!

    Mon, April 11 at 9:14 pm
  4. Hoodette said,

    I love that we have such amazing food-crafters in our neighborhood. Way to go, Mighty-O. “(W)hole-hearted” congratulations for running “rings” around the competition.

    Tue, April 12 at 3:47 pm
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