The results from the Think Green Recycling Challenge for February are in, and Wallingford’s Friday North route slipped into second place. Our diversion rate lagged behind that of Friday South, represented by Rainier Beach Community Club, by a mere .06% .

The last day of the entire Recycling Challenge contest was March 30, so all of the garbage, recycling, and food waste that is going to be weighed has been weighed, so there’s nothing more we can do there.  Results for March will be out in about three more weeks. Until then? Think positive thoughts, generate some good karma, whatever it takes to nudge those numbers back on top. We can still win!

  1. Olivier said,

    If we “win”, we get to be the pilot in the garbage twice a month pick-up test?

    Mon, April 9 at 10:14 am
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